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Optional Electrophysiology Track

XLV Inter-American Course in Clinical Ophthalmology (CURSO)

Optional Session I

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Visual Electrophysiology for Retina and Optic Nerve Diseases

Tuesday, November 14, 2023
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

MACC 1, 2ND Floor, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport and Convention Center

Course Coordinator and Moderator

Carlos E. Mendoza Santiesteban, MD

Carlos E. Mendoza, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami

Registration Fee: US$50*
Registration fee includes lunch.
*Must be registered for the main event to be able to register for this session.

Simultaneous translation (English-Spanish) available

Course Description
Visual electrophysiology is a valuable tool in diagnosing retinal and optic nerve diseases, including inherited retinal diseases that currently can be treated using gene therapy. Recent developments in this field granted a comprehensive course that integrates basic concepts and clinical applications of this technology. All visual electrophysiology modalities (ERG, VEP, EOG, mfERG, PERG, mfVEP) will be reviewed, followed by clinical case presentations and discussion. We will emphasize the correct indication and interpretation of the different studies. A hands-on session will give participants practical exposure to performing visual electrophysiology studies.

Guest Faculty

Nicolas Cuenca, MD

Nicolas Cuenca, MD
University of Alicante
Alicante, Spain

Maja Kostic, MD

Maja Kostic, MD
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Faculty
Tamara Juvier, MD
Byron L. Lam, MD

Program is subject to change

8:00 am Opening Remarks
Carlos E. Mendoza, MD
  Session I: Visual Electrophysiology Is Not That Complicated: You Only Need to Understand Some Basic Principles
8:05 Overview, Testing Modalities, Recording Techniques, Normal Results Correlation with AF and OCT
Carlos E. Mendoza, MD
  Session II: Exploring the Retina: Full Field ERG, Multifocal ERG, and EOG
8:45 Full-Field ERG
Byron L. Lam, MD
9:10 Multifocal ERG and EOG
Byron L. Lam, MD
9:30 Case Presentations
Byron L. Lam MD, Carlos E. Mendoza, MD, and Maja Kostic, MD
9:55 Discussion
10:00 Current Clinical Trials of Gene Therapy for Inherited Retinal Diseases
Byron L. Lam, MD
10:30 Refreshment Break
  Session III: What About the Rest of the Visual Pathway? PERG, VEP, Objective Visual Acuity (Sweep VEP), and Objective Visual Field (mfVEP)
11:00 Pattern ERG
Tamara Juvier, MD
11:15 Flash VEP, Pattern VEP, Sweep VEP, and Multifocal VEP
Carlos E. Mendoza, MD
11:55 Discussion
12:00 pm Case Presentations
Tamara Juvier, MD, Maja Kostic, MD, and Carlos E. Mendoza, MD
12:30 Lunch with The Experts:
Questions and Answers during lunch
Experts: Byron L. Lam, MD, Tamara Juvier, MD, and Carlos E. Mendoza, MD
1:30 Hands-on Course
4:00 Adjourn