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Glaucoma Fellowship

The glaucoma fellowship is under Drs. Richard Parrish, Steven Gedde, Richard Lee, Anna Junk, Sarah Wellik, Ta Chen Chang, Elizabeth Hodapp, and Alana Grajewski all of whom are glaucoma specialists on the full-time faculty of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. The program is supplemented by the most valuable participation of part-time faculty member Dr. Mark Werner.

Most of our fellows have been interested primarily in a year of clinical experience with glaucoma, but some have wanted a broad experience including exposure to techniques of clinical research, laboratory research, or both. We try to arrange combinations of exposure to clinical care and research activities according to the career goals of the individual applicant, taking into account whether or not any particular combination of activities is in keeping with current activities of the faculty, facilities and other resources available, and any existing commitments to other trainees or applicants during a given year.

The typical one-year fellowship consists of seeing private consultation patients with the full-time faculty and participating in our surgery. The fellows also spend one-half day weekly in a general ophthalmology practice as a member of our faculty or supervising residents in their general clinic, and there are several weekly conferences and teaching rounds within the department. Weekly Grand Rounds of the Ophthalmology Department consist of presentations of cases by the residents and fellows with subsequent discussion. There is a separate weekly conference of the glaucoma fellows with the glaucoma faculty to discuss topics and journal articles of interest. These activities fill up nearly all of the week, but do leave time to pursue reading or individual research projects that a fellow may wish to undertake.

Each fellow does at least one small project in order to understand what goes into research and to learn to evaluate the literature better. The results of the research studies of every resident and fellow are presented in a two-day program held in June.

The weekly Glaucoma Journal Club is a forum for lively discussion among faculty members and trainees on the topics of the latest ophthalmic innovations (pictured below).

Glaucoma Journal Club

The glaucoma surgical training includes an intensive wet lab curriculum which allows the fellows to acquire advanced surgical techniques (pictured below).

Glaucoma Practice CIMATGlaucoma Practice GATT

Information and Central Application Service forms relating to the Fellowship Matching Program can be obtained from: SF Match.

Deadline for receipt of application is September 1st.


Isabel R. Perez (Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator)
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