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Neuro-Ophthalmology Fellowship - Research and Clinical

A one-year combined research and clinical fellowship in neuro-ophthalmology is offered to foster the development of clinician-scientists who will transform future medical care in the subspecialty. The lead mentor, Dr. John Guy, holds 3 recently awarded NEI grants including the first grant funded towards development of a gene therapy program of a disorder caused by mutated mitochondrial DNA, Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. The fellowship program provides training in laboratory and clinical investigations, including clinical trials, molecular biology, optic nerve histopathology at both the light and electron microscopic level and gene based therapies utilizing the adeno-associated virus (AAV) employed successfully in a phase I trial for Leber Congential Amaurosis (LCA). The specific objective is to provide the training and mentorship that will lead the fellow to be successful as faculty members in Schools of Medicine by using a multidisciplinary research program that provide training in innovative and effective approaches to the understanding of and therapy for visual disorders. The program includes didactic instruction appropriate to the area being studied, training in laboratory techniques where this represents relevant approaches for the trainee, patient-oriented research experience with one or more Mentors from a team of internationally known neuron-ophthalmologists within an environment that nurtures skills in human research ethics and methodology, along with practical skills in funding and collaboration and patient care.

Salary and benefits will be commensurate with the other fellowships offered through Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Benefits include personal and family health insurance, as well as payment of malpractice and Florida licensure fees.

Please note: You must have a Florida State Medical License before beginning your 
Fellowship: You must have passed all 3 parts of the USMLE for a Florida License and have spent 2 years in the United States under direct physician supervision.

Further information for the combined research and clinical fellowship is available:
Dr. John Guy at 800-329-7000 ext. 5219 or Isabel R. Perez (fellowship coordinator) at 305-326-6000 ext. 6391.

Please download our fellowship application and return it to Isabel R. Perez with the required supporting documents.


Isabel R. Perez (Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator)
P.O. Box 016880
Miami, FL 33101

Toll Free: 800-329-7000 ext. 6391
Phone: 305-326-6391
Fax: 305-326-6580