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Evaluation of Repeat Administration of Purified Poloxamer 188

Principal Investigator

Ofelia Alvarez

Clinical Trial ID

Institutional Protocol # 20150546
National Clinical Trials Identifier NCT02449616

Clinical Trial Summary


Phase 3

Funding Agency/Sponsor



Enrollment Eligibility

Inclusion Criteria:
- Completed participation in study MST-188-01 (EPIC study)
- Subject age 4 through 65 years
- Subject is experiencing acute pain typical of VOC and requires treatment with
parenteral opioid analgesia
- Subject requires hospitalization
Exclusion Criteria:
- Subject has acute chest syndrome
- Subject's laboratory results indicate inadequate organ function
- Subject is pregnant or nursing an infant
- Subject had a painful crisis requiring hospitalization within the preceding 14 days
- Subject has been transfused within the past 14 days
- Subject has complications related to SCD

Contact Information

Study Contact Vanessa Cumming
Phone Number 9542947473
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