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Neuroinflammation and Ocular Epigenetics Lab

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The main focus of Dr. Ivanov’s laboratory research is to understand the role and mechanisms of sterile inflammation, or innate immune response in the absence of bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms, in the pathophysiology of retinal disorders, with a specific interest in the contribution of damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) and pattern recognition receptors. Since DAMPs are liberated from necrotic cells mediating the neurotoxic pro-inflammatory response, Dr. Ivanov’s laboratory also studies the molecular mechanisms of regulated necrosis and its contribution to neuronal damage in retinal neurodegeneration. The second key direction of Dr. Ivanov's laboratory research is the study of epigenetic mechanisms involved in the development and diseases of the eye.

  • Molecular mechanisms of sterile inflammation in the retina

  • Programmed cell death: the role of apoptosis and regulated necrosis in retinal degeneration

  • Epigenetic regulation of retinal development

  • The role of the DNA demethylation pathway in retinal development and pathology