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Breast Cancer Survivorship


To learn more or request an appointment, call 305-243-4922 or
email Survivorship Care.


To learn more about cancer survivorship research at Sylvester, please call 305-243-3329 or
email Survivorship Research.

At Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are experts in treating all types of breast cancer. Thanks to advancements in treatment, more women than ever survive breast cancer. When breast cancer is diagnosed early, the five-year survival rate is more than 90 percent.

Your care team is always here to support you and your health — even after treatment is over. During this phase of care, called survivorship, you’ll attend regular follow-up appointments for physical exams and imaging. You will also be able to speak to your cancer care team about any problems you experience after treatment.

Your care team will help you manage treatment side effects, improve your quality of life, and lower your risk for cancer recurrence. We will assist you with many aspects of your health, including:

With the proper follow-up care and personalized attention, you can live a healthy life after breast cancer treatment.

Sylvester Cancer Survivorship & Translational Behavioral Sciences