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Gastrointestinal Cancer Survivorship


To learn more or request an appointment, call 305-243-4922 or
email Survivorship Care.


To learn more about cancer survivorship research at Sylvester, please call 305-243-3329 or
email Survivorship Research.

Cancer experts at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center care for all types of gastrointestinal cancers, from colorectal cancer and liver cancer, to pancreatic cancer and stomach cancer. We provide compassionate support from your diagnosis through survivorship, helping you maintain a high quality of life.

As a survivor of gastrointestinal cancer, you need to attend all your recommended follow-up appointments to ensure you are healing well and cancer does not return. You will see your provider regularly for physical exams, blood tests, and imaging tests. Your doctor will let you know what specific follow-up appointment schedule you should follow based on the type of cancer you experienced.

Your follow-up appointments give you an opportunity to talk to your doctor about any mental or physical health changes you are experiencing. Your doctor will also talk to you about important topics like treatment side effects and smoking and alcohol cessation.

Your Sylvester care team provides support, so you can live a healthy lifestyle and return to the activities you love. We will care for you for years after your treatment is over and are dedicated to helping you avoid cancer recurrence.

Sylvester Cancer Survivorship & Translational Behavioral Sciences