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Lung Cancer Survivorship


To learn more or request an appointment, call 305-243-4922 or
email Survivorship Care.


To learn more about cancer survivorship research at Sylvester, please call 305-243-3329 or
email Survivorship Research.

Your cancer care team at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, helps you live a healthy life throughout cancer treatment and beyond. After your lung cancer treatment is complete, we continue to provide comprehensive services to support you through our lung cancer survivorship program.

An important part of our survivorship program is to help ensure you attend all follow-up visits with your doctor. Though all signs of cancer may be gone during your first exam, lung cancer is more likely to recur within the first two years after treatment. Your follow-up visits will include a physical exam and imaging tests like a computed tomography scan (CT) that allow your doctor to detect cancer early if it does return.

Your follow-up appointments also give you an opportunity to talk to your doctor about any health concerns you have and discuss important topics like:

You can enjoy a healthy, active life after your lung cancer treatment. Your Sylvester care team can help you improve your quality of life with compassionate services.

Sylvester Cancer Survivorship & Translational Behavioral Sciences