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The UHealth Cardiac and Vascular experts offer the most advanced, innovative cardiovascular care available, and are global leaders in developing tomorrow's treatments for today's patients. Our physicians take a team approach to providing cardiac and vascular care, right here in the heart of South Florida.

The members of our cardiovascular team are among the elite heart and vascular physician-scientists in the world, developing new, lifesaving approaches for the treatment of heart and vascular conditions.

Discover the difference our academic-based cardiac and vascular program can make for you.

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What if an easy, online quiz could predict your risk of having a heart attack? If you have a diagnosis or family history of certain cardiovascular diseases — such as hypertension, high-cholesterol, heart attack, stroke or other conditions — the free HeartAware risk assessment can provide you with important insights to your heart health. If the quiz determines you are at risk, you can choose to connect with a UHealth cardiac nurse for a free telephone consultation to discuss your risk for heart attack. If the quiz determines you are at risk, then you will be eligible for a low-cost $99 calcium screening.

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cardiac, Aortic and Mitral Valve Surgery

Our team performs some of the most complex procedures in the world and includes expert Joseph Lamelas, M.D., who perfected the “Miami Method” — the minimally invasive alternative to open heart surgery that has become the gold standard for mitral valve repair and replacement surgery, leading to quicker recovery and better long-term outcomes, even for high-risk patients. In addition to training surgeons from around the globe to use his minimally invasive approach to heart surgery, Dr. Lamelas is the only cardiac surgeon in the world to repair an ascending aortic aneurysm using a minimally invasive surgical approach.

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Jeffrey Goldberger, M.D. is a leading expert in atrial fibrillation. Under his leadership, UHealth has developed the only multidisciplinary AFib risk modification program in the state of Florida, offering patients personalized treatment plans to medically manage and surgically treat AFib. Dr. Goldberger and his team are pioneers in developing an advanced diagnostic technology to map the electrical impulses of the heart to precisely identify the muscle cells in the heart where AFib is occurring, so that they can be targeted with ablation therapy with pinpoint accuracy. This can result in the complete cure of AFib for many patients.

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UHealth offers the most advanced and innovative therapies and device technology to manage and — in some cases, reverse — the effects of heart failure. The UHealth Heart Failure, Heart Failure Recovery, Innovation and Treatment Program, directed by Dr. Luanda Grazette, brings together experts in cardiac electrophysiology, acute cardiac care, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, hypertension and heart failure technology to help you manage your symptoms and experience improved quality of life.

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UHealth's vascular and endovascular surgery team, led by Jorge Rey, M.D., provides patients with proven expertise in treating all vascular conditions, including limb salvage surgery for critical limb ischemia/peripheral artery disease (PAD). State-of-the-art image-guided vascular and endovascular procedures can restore blood flow in legs and feet, and reverse tissue loss that may lead to amputation.

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Interventional cardiologists at UHealth are internationally recognized experts who offer the full range of coronary and structural procedures from the state-of-the-art UHealth Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. Florida's first Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement, known as TAVR, was performed at UHealth in 2008, and our experts have subsequently performed thousands of procedures, innovating along the way to further advance interventional cardiac care for even the most complex, high-risk patients. Our team develops personalized treatment plans for the unique needs of each patient — from transcatheter valve therapies to minimally invasive surgical approaches — and collaborates with cardiac surgery, neurology, pulmonology and other UHealth experts to ensure patients receive all the benefits that academic multidisciplinary care can provide.

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