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Miami Society

The world is changing rapidly, and Miami is setting the pace for that change.

The Miami Society honors individuals who are inspired by the University’s impressive past and wish to secure its future as one of the nation’s great academic institutions. Each has made commitments to the University totaling $10 million or more. Individual members of the new Miami Society are recognized by a handcrafted piece of glass designed by faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Since the University was founded, the largesse of philanthropists has helped shape its history. Advances in research, student scholarships and state-of-the-art facilities are made possible in part by dedicated donors. The University’s continuing success is bolstered by the leadership, passion, and unwavering commitment of individuals whose generosity has earned them membership in The Miami Society.

Membership Roster

The following Miami Society members have contributed between $10,000,000 and $49,999,999 to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Society:

  • Estate of Eugenia Dodson