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Clinical Trial Acceleration Grant

The new deadline is February 10, 2020

Goals and Purpose

The goal is to support the development of highly innovative, programmatically important investigator-initiated, cooperative group or industry-sponsored therapeutic trials, as well as small translational studies that have the promise of leading to new clinical trial concepts. While investigator-initiated trials continue to be the highest priority, and historically have been underfunded, other types of trials may also test concepts of high value to the Site Disease Groups (SDGs), Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center programs (e.g., Tumor Biology, Epigenetics and Cancer Control) and have relevance to the community of cancer patients served in the catchment area. Funds will be provided to accelerate novel clinical trials and translational studies.

Description of Award Mechanisms

New Full Funding Mechanism: For clinical trials that do not have significant sponsor support. Each award is up to $100,000. The award will be focused on innovative multi-disciplinary projects that are likely to have a high impact. The protocol must be a therapeutic trial but may focus on any type of cancers. The protocol should have been signed off by SDG leadership and prioritized. The prioritization form must be included with the application.

Up to 10% of the funds can be used to protect PI time (consistent with the NIH salary cap). If over the salary cap, a letter from the applicant’s department chair agreeing to cost share must be submitted with the application.

GAP Funding Mechanism: For clinical trials that have a gap between sponsor funding and the Sylvester budget estimate. Each award is up to $50,000. The protocol must be therapeutic and considered of significant SDG importance.

Trial Translational Mechanism: For translational studies linked to a clinical trial (preferred) and/or have the promise of being the foundation for an investigator-initiated clinical trial. Each award is up to $30,000.

Miscellaneous: For expenses less than $2,000. Such costs include Cooperative Group meeting travel costs for presenters who do not have other funding support, minor study setup fees, and translational services.


Only Cancer Center Site Disease Group Faculty Members may apply. The protocol must be a therapeutic trial but may focus on any type of cancers.

Budget approval from Sylvester Clinical Research Services office (CRS) is required for any consideration.

Proposals may be submitted without Protocol Review Monitoring Committee (PRMC) approval. If awarded they must have PRMC approval at the time of the award. If PRMC approval is delayed by more than 6 months from the date of the funding award, the funding will be withdrawn.

Please apply at:
Clinical Trial Acceleration Grant