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  • Breast prostheses

    If you don't want to have surgery to replace the breast or partial breast, you still have options. Breast prostheses are becoming more natural and custom, including research in the works for 3-D printer prostheses made from a photo of the pre-surgery breast.

  • Mastectomy reconstruction

    Whenever possible, surgeons use a skin and nipple-sparing mastectomy to preserve the skin and nipple. This minimizes scarring and improves your surgeon's ability to reconstruct your breasts. Reconstruction can be done at the time of the mastectomy or later.

  • Direct to implant reconstruction

    This reconstruction can be performed at the same time as the mastectomy in a single-step process. It doesn't require a tissue expander before the permanent implant.

  • Flap reconstruction with your own tissue

    This can offer an option if you don't want an implant or you're unable to have one — either because there's not enough skin after a mastectomy or your skin has been damaged by radiation. This procedure uses skin from other parts of your body to rebuild the breast.

  • Lumpectomy reconstruction

    Sylvester offers several options for breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy, a surgery that removes only part of the breast tissue:

    • Bilateral breast reduction: This procedure, performed by an oncology surgeon and a plastic surgeon, may be an option if you have moderate to large breasts. This procedure removes the lump and any surrounding cancerous tissue on the cancer breast first, and the other breast is sculpted to match. If necessary, a breast implant can be used to replace lost volume.
    • Fat grafting or moving other tissue to fill defects: Our plastic surgeons can use tissue from another area of your body, such as unwanted fat, to restore the volume of your breast.

Learn more about these reconstruction options and see before-and-after photos.

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