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MRIdian FAQs


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We understand that our patients have work and families to tend to during the day. So our team offers therapy treatment appointments outside of typical hospital hours that work with your schedule.

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Why use MRIdianTM?

MRIdian System, by ViewRay®, is designed specifically for radiation oncology. It combines MRI and radiation therapy to allow doctors to continuously visualize, in high contrast, the tumor’s edges and surrounding organ position – all while you, the patient, are in the treatment position. This technology helps clinicians improve targeting precision. That way, they deliver higher and potentially more effective radiation doses to the tumor, while simultaneously minimizing incidental radiation exposure to surrounding organs.

Why does my doctor want to combine MRI and radiation therapy?

When you breathe, swallow, or digest food, your internal organs move. The problem is: Even the tiniest movement can affect the position of a tumor. So, making sure the radiation therapy treatment is hitting a moving target can be challenging. MRIdian System uses MRI to see the soft tissue and organs as they move which allows doctors to compensate for these movements during your treatment.

How do I know if I need this cancer treatment?

Consult with your healthcare team. A radiation oncologist will decide if treatment on the MRIdian System is recommended for your particular situation.

What is a simulation appointment?

Before your first radiation treatment, your provider will set up a simulation appointment -- a walk-through of what to expect during your actual treatment. The simulation will take about one to two hours. During this time, your doctor will identify the exact fields on your body to treat with radiation, using both the CT and MRI for imaging. Your radiation therapist will mark the field with small dots made with permanent ink. This appointment is a rehearsal - you will not receive any radiation treatment.

What happens during my radiation treatment?

During each treatment session, you will lie on a table. Your radiation therapist will be sure you are in the proper treatment position. Make sure you are in a position where you are comfortable enough to stay still. You should continue to breathe normally or as advised by your care team.

Is it loud?

As with all MRI’s, it can be. Your care team will provide you with hearing protection.

Are there side effects?

Every person is different. If you have concerns about side effects before treatment or about managing your side effects during treatment, talk to your provider.

When can I resume my normal life?

Your doctor will talk to your about your recovery and when you may resume specific treatment and activities.

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