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International Executive Health Services

A Comprehensive Menu Of Care

Every UHealth International Executive Health program participant receives a series of exams and tests that will provide us with a clear picture of your overall health. Once we have your results, we provide you and your primary care physician with a complete report and recommendations on steps you can take to get and stay healthy.

Learn more about the various options that are available as part of the University of Miami’s Executive Physical program:

  • Standard Physical
  • Cardiac Physicals
  • Customizable Physical

Options Galore

We recognize that you might want to access additional care services during your visit. That’s why when you schedule your visit, an International Executive Health Care Representative will speak with you at length to determine any additional diagnostics, consultations, and treatments you want to receive – whether it’s meeting with one of our world-renowned cardiologists, undergoing a specific kind of ultrasound, or speaking with a physical therapist about other nagging aches and pains.

We look forward to hearing from you, please call 305-243-9100.