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Scan 360

SCAN 360

Sylvester has created SCAN 360 to bring our cancer control efforts into focus.

Community outreach at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center spearheads research that focuses on people and their access to health information and health care.

To that end, we created an interactive web-based platform, Scan 360, to characterize the cancer burden within Sylvester’s catchment area, as well as, the state at large.

Initially, designed solely for investigators at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, SCAN 360 was intended to orient them to South Florida’s cancer landscape and present appropriate research opportunities.

However, over time, we have seen opportunities available beyond research and the platform is currently being tailored to support efforts of the Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS), Florida’s statewide incident cancer registry, and other NCI-designated cancer centers.

Specifically, Scan 360 will aid OCOE efforts by:

  • Highlighting comparisons between cancer geography and behavioral, social, and environmental risk factors
  • Identifying key differences between Sylvester’s patient population and the catchment area
  • Profiling the economic and demographic disparities in South Florida and other counties across Florida
  • Tracking Sylvester’s outreach effort to identify achievements and opportunities for additional efforts
  • Displaying local resources, including Federally Qualified Health Centers, that work collaboratively with Sylvester’s OCOE to promote cancer education and screening