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Andreansky Lab

Novel therapies to target tumor microenvironment and immunosuppression

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Investigator / Contact Person Samita Andreansky

Research Focus

The laboratory has extensive experience in mouse cancer models and development of novel therapeutics.  Our research focuses on preclinical cancer models in relation to immunosuppression within the tumor microenvironment.  We primarily use Her-2/neu positive breast cancer models and the working model is that 'oncogene addiction' can drive immunosuppression via upregulation of inflammatory mediators that block infiltration of antitumor immune cells.  Thus, we are developing Her-2/neu targeted therapies with small molecule drugs isolated from natural compounds and are also using combination strategies with oncolytic viruses that express cytokine genes to facilitate tumor destruction by immune enhancement.  Additionally, we are also investigating other mechanisms of cancer inducible pathways such as hypoxia inducible factor and their role in oncogenic viruses through collaborative studies with investigators at Sylvester Cancer Center.

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