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Ayad Lab

Epigenetic and Kinase Pathway Interactions in Brain Cancers

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Investigator / Contact Person Nagi Ayad

Research Focus

The main research objective of the Ayad laboratory is to identify therapeutic combinations for nervous system disorders.  These include brain cancers such as glioblastoma and medulloblastoma. We are working closely with chemists to generate novel brain/spinal cord penetrating epigenetic enzyme and kinase inhibitors. We are also working with the LINCS consortium to identify small molecules that target epigenetic and kinase pathways simultaneously. We collaborate with a large group of basic scientists and clinicians to move our small molecules into clinical trials. These include Dr. Ricardo Komotar, Dr. Michael Ivan,  Dr. Antonio Omuro, Dr. Macarena de la Fuente, Dr. Nori Kasahara, Dr. Claes Wahlestedt, Dr. Stephan Schurer, Dr. Mary E. Hatten, Dr. Martine Roussel, and Dr. Jann Sarkaria for the brain tumor work.

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