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Banerjee Lab

Metabolic Regulation of Tumor Progression

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Investigator / Contact Person Sulagna Banerjee

Research Focus

Dr. Banerjee research interest includes understanding the molecular pathways that are involved in conferring chemo-resistance to pancreatic cancer stem cells. To study this, they are focusing on delineating the differential metabolism in the “cancer stem cells “and the “non-stem cells” and understanding how these differences may lead to a survival advantage in this population. In addition, they are also working on understanding on the role of the tumor microenvironment on the enrichment of “cancer stem cell population” within the pancreatic tumor. In this context, They are studying how the different stress signaling in the microenvironment can lead to altered metabolic pathways in the tumor cells resulting in a chemo-resistant population. Current work in her lab is directed towards understanding these pathways and evaluating if these can be targeted to overcome the chemo-resistance in pancreatic cancer.

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