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Epigenetic Regulation of Hematopoiesis

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Investigator / Contact Person Maria Figueroa


2018Page 1
  • TET2 Deficiency Causes Germinal Center Hyperplasia, Impairs Plasma Cell Differentiation, and Promotes B-cell Lymphomagenesis. View In PubMed
  • Polycomb complexes associate with enhancers and promote oncogenic transcriptional programs in cancer through multiple mechanisms. View In PubMed
  • Oncogenic N-Ras and Tet2 haploinsufficiency collaborate to dysregulate hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. View In PubMed
  • A phase II, multicentre trial of decitabine in higher-risk chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. View In PubMed
2017Page 1
  • Dnmt3a regulates T-cell development and suppresses T-ALL transformation. View in PubMed
  • Restoration of TET2 Function Blocks Aberrant Self-Renewal and Leukemia Progression. View In PubMed
  • Epigenetic Identity in AML Depends on Disruption of Nonpromoter Regulatory Elements and Is Affected by Antagonistic Effects of Mutations in Epigenetic Modifiers. View in PubMed
  • Autophagy maintains the metabolism and function of young and old stem cells. View In PubMed
2016Page 1
  • A clinical measure of DNA methylation predicts outcome in de novo acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • Wilms tumor 1 mutations in the pathogenesis of acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • DNMT3A Haploinsufficiency Transforms FLT3ITD Myeloproliferative Disease into a Rapid, Spontaneous, and Fully Penetrant Acute Myeloid Leukemia. View In PubMed
  • Mutation allele burden remains unchanged in chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia responding to hypomethylating agents View In PubMed
  • Azacitidine with or without Entinostat for the treatment of therapy-related myeloid neoplasm: further results of the E1905 North American Leukemia Intergroup study. View In PubMed
2015Page 1
  • Cytosine modifications in myeloid malignancies. View In PubMed
  • Transcription and methylation analyses of preleukemic promyelocytes indicate a dual role for PML/RARA in leukemia initiation. View In PubMed
  • Dissecting the role of aberrant DNA methylation in human leukaemia. View In PubMed
  • Specific molecular signatures predict decitabine response in chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. View In PubMed
  • Musashi2 sustains the mixed-lineage leukemia-driven stem cell regulatory program. View In PubMed
  • Enhanced reduced representation bisulfite sequencing for assessment of DNA methylation at base pair resolution. View In PubMed
  • Epigenetic deregulation in myeloid malignancies. View In PubMed
  • Plasticity of DNA methylation in a nerve injury model of pain. View In PubMed
  • Validation of DNA methylation to predict outcome in acute myeloid leukemia by use of xMELP. View In PubMed
2014Page 1
  • DNA hydroxymethylation profiling reveals that WT1 mutations result in loss of TET2 function in acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • MethylSig: a whole genome DNA methylation analysis pipeline. View In PubMed
  • C/EBPα is an essential collaborator in Hoxa9/Meis1-mediated leukemogenesis. View In PubMed
  • Two splice-factor mutant leukemia subgroups uncovered at the boundaries of MDS and AML using combined gene expression and DNA-methylation profiling. View In PubMed
  • Prolonged administration of azacitidine with or without entinostat for myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia with myelodysplasia-related changes: results of the US Leukemia Intergroup trial E1905. View In PubMed
  • Microsphere-based multiplex analysis of DNA methylation in acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • CD2-positive B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia with an early switch to the monocytic lineage. View In PubMed
2013Page 1
  • PRMT4 blocks myeloid differentiation by assembling a methyl-RUNX1-dependent repressor complex. View In PubMed
  • DNMT1-interacting RNAs block gene-specific DNA methylation. View In PubMed
  • Epigenetic roles of MLL oncoproteins are dependent on NF-κB. View In PubMed
  • Development of acute megakaryoblastic leukemia in Down syndrome is associated with sequential epigenetic changes. View In PubMed
  • Integrated genetic and epigenetic analysis of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. View In PubMed
  • Satb1 regulates the self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells by promoting quiescence and repressing differentiation commitment. View In PubMed
  • Cell of origin determines clinically relevant subtypes of MLL-rearranged AML. View In PubMed
  • Notch activation inhibits AML growth and survival: a potential therapeutic approach. View In PubMed
  • Understanding and utilizing new molecular genetics in MDS. View In PubMed
2012Page 1
  • A molecular roadmap of reprogramming somatic cells into iPS cells. View In PubMed
  • C/EBPγ deregulation results in differentiation arrest in acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • Recurrent somatic TET2 mutations in normal elderly individuals with clonal hematopoiesis. View In PubMed
  • methylKit: a comprehensive R package for the analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation profiles. View In PubMed
  • CD25 expression status improves prognostic risk classification in AML independent of established biomarkers: ECOG phase 3 trial, E1900. View In PubMed
  • IDH1(R132H) mutation increases murine haematopoietic progenitors and alters epigenetics. View In PubMed
  • H2.0-like homeobox regulates early hematopoiesis and promotes acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • Mutant DNMT3A: a marker of poor prognosis in acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • Safety, efficacy and biological predictors of response to sequential azacitidine and lenalidomide for elderly patients with acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • Prognostic relevance of integrated genetic profiling in acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • IDH mutation impairs histone demethylation and results in a block to cell differentiation. View In PubMed
  • Base-pair resolution DNA methylation sequencing reveals profoundly divergent epigenetic landscapes in acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • Interpreting new molecular genetics in myelodysplastic syndromes. View In PubMed
2011Page 1
  • DNA methyltransferase 1 and DNA methylation patterning contribute to germinal center B-cell differentiation. View In PubMed
  • Tet2 loss leads to increased hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and myeloid transformation. View In PubMed
  • Aberrant DNA hypermethylation signature in acute myeloid leukemia directed by EVI1. View In PubMed
  • Leukemic IDH1 and IDH2 mutations result in a hypermethylation phenotype, disrupt TET2 function, and impair hematopoietic differentiation. View In PubMed
2010Page 1
  • BCL6 repression of EP300 in human diffuse large B cell lymphoma cells provides a basis for rational combinatorial therapy. View In PubMed
  • Cell type of origin influences the molecular and functional properties of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells. View In PubMed
  • DNMT3B7, a truncated DNMT3B isoform expressed in human tumors, disrupts embryonic development and accelerates lymphomagenesis. View In PubMed
  • Promoter hypermethylation in MLL-r infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia: biology and therapeutic targeting. View In PubMed
  • DNA methylation signatures identify biologically distinct subtypes in acute myeloid leukemia. View In PubMed
  • HELP (HpaII tiny fragment enrichment by ligation-mediated PCR) assay for DNA methylation profiling of primary normal and malignant B lymphocytes. View In PubMed
2009Page 1
  • MDS and secondary AML display unique patterns and abundance of aberrant DNA methylation. View In PubMed
  • High-resolution genome-wide cytosine methylation profiling with simultaneous copy number analysis and optimization for limited cell numbers. View In PubMed
  • Genome-wide epigenetic analysis delineates a biologically distinct immature acute leukemia with myeloid/T-lymphoid features. View In PubMed
  • Inhibition of DNA methyltransferase activates tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced monocytic differentiation in acute myeloid leukemia cells. View In PubMed
  • Genome-wide determination of DNA methylation by Hpa II tiny fragment enrichment by ligation-mediated PCR (HELP) for the study of acute leukemias. View In Pubmed
2008Page 1
  • HDAC4 promotes growth of colon cancer cells via repression of p21. View In PubMed
  • Kaiso contributes to DNA methylation-dependent silencing of tumor suppressor genes in colon cancer cell lines. View In PubMed
  • An integrative genomic and epigenomic approach for the study of transcriptional regulation. View In PubMed
2007Page 1
  • Smad1 and Smad5 differentially regulate embryonic hematopoiesis. View In PubMed
  • CG dinucleotide clustering is a species-specific property of the genome. View In PubMed
2006Page 1
  • Comparative isoschizomer profiling of cytosine methylation: the HELP assay. View In PubMed