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Epigenetic Regulation of Cancer Stem Cells

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Investigator / Contact Person Tan Ince

Research Focus

1. Breast Cancer Classification Dr. Ince’s lab developed a hypothesis-based breast cancer classification system modeled after the taxonomy of species in evolutionary biology, using normal breast differentiation lineages as a guide.

2. Establishment of Tumor Culture System Their laboratory serves as a resource for cell culture. They made 60 cell lines and four different media available to the research community. So far, they shipped > 1,500 bottles of media, and 250 vials of cells to 70 laboratories in 11 countries.

3. Epigenomic Regulation of Cancer Stem Cells They discovered that HDAC 1&7 regulate CSCs, and found that selective HDAC7 inhibition promises to be more effective cancer treatment with fewer side effects.

4. Hormonal Regulation of Cancer Stem Cells They discovered that that combined expression of estrogen, androgen and vitamin-D receptors (ER, AR, and VDR) is a more powerful predictor of breast cancer outcome than individual receptors and found that these receptors regulate the breast CSCs

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