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Schiff Lab

Schiff Center for Liver Diseases, Hepatology Research Lab

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Investigator / Contact Person Eugene Schiff


Current innovative projects include research to develop

Laboratory Research:

1. Development of new diagnostic tests

2. Pilot study for mechanism for reduction in the risk of hepatocellular 

3. Pilot study Innate Immune Response in Viral Hepatitis

4. Recently established Hepatitis E Viral Program which includes HEV RNA
    Quantitation, HEV antigen, IgG/IgM for HEV, PI initiated

5. studies to identify clinical and genetic factors that can be used to identify 
    patients with liver disease that are most at risk for poor clinical outcomes
    including the development of liver cancers (project funded by the state of

6. liver on chip platforms to model hepatic disease 

7. stem cell derived hepatocytes as a therapeutic agent