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Singh Lab

Adhesion Signaling and Cancer Therapeutics

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Investigator / Contact Person Mahendra Singh

Research Focus

Currently, our research is focused on deciphering the role of a multi-domain scaffolding protein NEDD9 in gastrointestinal cancers and breast cancer. NEDD9 provides a signaling complex regulating multiple cellular processes relevant to cancer. These include responsiveness to signals emanating from the T and B cell receptors, integrins, chemokine receptors, and receptor tyrosine kinases, as well as cytoplasmic oncogenes such as BCR-ABL and FAK- and SRC-family kinases. NEDD9 is known to influence functions as migration, invasion, survival, and mitosis. 

I discovered a novel protein CASS4 which is currently being studied for its role in regulation of metastasis and immune components in lung cancers.

In addition, we are identifying molecular subtypes in gallbladder cancer with the goal of characterizing new alterations, confirming genetic differences in these distinct subtypes of gallbladder cancer so as to decipher potentially targetable genetic aberrations.

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