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Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI) Breast Cancer Development Grant Program

The deadline for the current funding period has past.

Goals and Purpose

A major goal of the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI) Breast Cancer Developmental Grants Program at Sylvester is to encourage the development of new research directed toward basic, translational or clinical breast cancer research. The support of these pilot projects will allow the initiation of research that will evaluate high-risk ideas, which nevertheless, have the potential for high yields in treatment, prevention, or basic biology of breast cancer. We encourage applications in purely clinical oncology research, basic molecular mechanistic approaches, population genetics, epidemiology, as wells as structural biologic approaches to cancer therapy.

Description of Award Mechanisms

Up to 3 awards will be funded at $50,000/yr. These developmental funds will support operating expenses, minor equipment and/or support for lab personnel, but not for the PI salary for either M.D. or Ph.D. investigators. Funds are not to be used for large items of special equipment. Independent faculty with an M.D., PhD. or M.D/Ph.D. who wish to conduct breast cancer research are eligible. Awards will focus on young independent investigators; however, circumstances may arise where a more established investigator would be appropriate for support.


Only cancer center members may apply. An applicant whose project was funded in the previous grant cycle is not eligible for funding of a new project in following year.

*For assistance with application, guidelines, or information please contact:

Alma Ramirez, MBA
Manager, Sylvester Intramurals
Phone: 305-243-4108