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Global Oncology Innovation Grant


The Global Oncology Innovation Grant will provide funding to promising investigators to research ways to address disparities and population differences throughout the spectrum of cancer control in LMICs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Applicants should be mindful of the definition of a LMIC as defined by The World Bank.

Applicants are encouraged to be innovative in their research proposal. The Global Oncology Innovation Grant is intended to support, but is not limited to:

  • Research that has the potential to offer “reverse innovation” insights that could influence practice in a wide range of practice settings
  • Clinical and translational research
  • Innovative care delivery
  • Prevention and palliative care
  • Implementation research
  • Health systems, outcomes and economics research related to cancer control and care


The Global Oncology Innovation Grant is a hypothesis-driven research grant that funds a specific research project that may result in the discovery of new knowledge or knowledge implementation about advancing cancer control in a LMIC. The Global Oncology Innovation Grant is intended to support both clinical and non-clinical research focus proposals. Clinical research is defined as “hypothesis-driven research that employs measurements in whole patients or normal human subjects, in conjunction with laboratory measurements as appropriate, on the subjects of clinical biology, natural history, prevention, screening, diagnosis, therapy, or epidemiology of neoplastic disease” (Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol. 14. 2, 1996, 666-670). Study that will not entail the use of human or subjects will be considered non-clinical. Both clinical and non-clinical project proposals should have measurable outcomes during the one-year grant period.

The Global Oncology Innovation Grant is an internal, multidisciplinary competition. The Global Oncology Innovation Grant will provide research funding to early-career investigators to encourage and promote quality research in global oncology and to develop the next generation of researchers to address global health needs. All are eligible to apply, however, junior faculty (associate or assistant professors), postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students are highly encouraged. Applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify for the Global Oncology Innovation Grant:

  • Planning an investigative career in global oncology
  • Is a member of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center OR has a partner who is a member within Sylvester
  • Be an investigator within the University of Miami in the year awarded
  • Proposals must have a clear relation to helping alleviate cancer disparities in an LMIC with a primary focus on Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Proposals should act as a first step toward getting independent grant funding outside of the University of Miami

Award Description

The total award amount is $25,000 for a one time, six-month period made available to the principal investigator. A total of three awards will be available. Awards to principal investigator is based on individual merit and will be evaluated on the creativity, viability of the project’s objectives, and ability to reduce the burden of cancer in LMICs in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Applications Open: January 07, 2019
Full Applications Due: March 4, 2019
Award Notification: May 13, 2019
Award Term: June 3, 2019 - May 29, 2020

Please apply at:
Global Oncology Innovation Grant

* For assistance with application, guidelines, or information please contact:
Marlene Rios
Project Coordinator for Global Oncology & International Programs
Phone: 305-243-8024