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Sylvester Bridge Funding Program

The deadline for the current funding period has past.

Goals and Purpose

Bridge funding Support is intended to assist faculty in maintaining their personal research operations in the event of a funding lapse. These funds are intended to be flexible and can be used to fit a variety of scientific needs, including salaries for staff, supplies, travel to scientific conferences, and other miscellaneous items required to conduct the proposed research. Funds to cover faculty salaries are not typically approved within this mechanism; however, should an urgent need for coverage exist, please provide detailed justification for this request. Funds for major equipment may not be requested.

Description of Award Mechanisms

Each award is up to $100,000. Applicants must show substantial research productivity within the last two years. Examples of research productivity include, but are not limited to: publications in high impact journals, participation in scientific societies and organizations, and number of grants submitted and funded.


Only Cancer Center members may apply, whom are affiliated with one of its scientific research programs. Applicants should not have any active external funding(s); there is no requirement for the score or where the external grant was submitted to.


The deadline for the current funding period has past.

Please apply at:

Sylvester Bridge Funding Support

* For assistance with application, guidelines, or information please contact:

Alma Ramirez, MBA
Manager, Sylvester Intramurals
Phone: 305-243-4108