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Flow Cytometry Fees

Service UM Internal Rate*
(Non-SCCC Member)
External Rate
Analysis: FACS Canto-II
$66/hour $110/hour 
Analysis: LSR-II $83/hour  $125/hour 
Analysis: LSR–Fortessa–HTS $100/hour  $145/hour 
Sorting: FACS Aria Fusion (BSL-2)
$115/hour $175/hour
Sorting: FACS Aria-IIu (BSL-2) $115/hour $175/hour 
Sorting: FACS Aria-II (BSL-1)  $115/hour  $175/hour 
CyTOF - Helios
$140/hour $250/hour
CyTOF - Hyperion  $70/hour  $200/hour 
FlowJo Software License (annual) $270.00 per license/computer  N/A 
FCS Express 7 Flow (annual)  $234.00 per license/login  N/A 
FCS Express 7 Plus (annual) $552.00 per license/login N/A
FCS Express Advanced Multicycle (annual) $50.00 per license/login N/A

Rates are effective as of October 1, 2018.

*Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center members are eligible for subsidized rates.