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Flow Cytometry Forms

To access the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource’s services, please review and complete the forms below, as appropriate. Use of the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource requires familiarization with the published policies and procedures. A Billing Authorization Form is required for use of the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource, and must be resubmitted monthly. All Principal Investigators are required to submit a current Biohazard Risk Assessment form annually. In addition, each new cell sort performed within the facility requires prior submission of a completed risk assessment form for all Arias.

Policies and Procedures
Flow Cytometry Core Billing Authorization Form

iLab online instrument reservation system

Instructions on how to register for an iLab account
Instructions on how to make a reservation using iLab

Free Cytospec data analysis software

Flow Cytometry ListServ (for exchange of information between facility users and staff)
Join or access this ListServ

Application and technical notes

Bio-Medical Applications of Flow Cytometry
Analysis of Nucleic Acids Using Flow Cytometry
BD multi-color flow cytometry online resource tools

External links

Purdue University Flow Cytometry Laboratories (an excellent resource)

Purdue University Cytometry Mailing List (for all cytometry-related inquiries and a wealth of shared information)

Education and training

An essential reference guide to planning and executing a flow cytometry experiment
MIFlowCyt: the minimum information about a flow cytometry experiment

Becton Dickinson Immuno-cytometry Systems

International Society for Analytical Cytology

Molecular Probes (reagents)


Beckman-Coulter cytometry site

Free cytometry software downloads

Download the seminal work: “Practical Flow Cytometry” fourth edition, by Howard Shapiro

Download Flow-Cytometry-A Basic Introduction, by Michael Ormerod

Fluorescence spectrum viewers and tables

Treestar (FlowJo) software

Online FlowJo tutorial page

DeNovo (FCS Express) software

Verity software

Cytek Biosciences

Thermofisher (Affymetrix)

Fluidigm (CyTOF)

Miltenyi Biotechnology

BD online customer training site (contains interactive courses covering an introduction to flow cytometry, DiVa software, Canto-II, cell-cycle analysis, etc.)

Free online repository for flow cytometry data, including complementary data analysis software, CytoBank

The new International Cytometry Certification Examination (ICCE) online applications

The Flow Cytometry Network (FCN): FCN allows you to manage your profile and interact with collaborators, through free video conferencing, messaging and more. Create and feature lab groups on FCN. Access free flow cytometry experimental design, data analysis and other software tools. Upload and share cytometry based protocols within the community. Get real time notifications on forum discussions (on topics of interest) by email and/or FCN profile. Keep updated with the latest flow cytometry research and industry news. Plan, post, and RSVP to events and meetings. Post and search for jobs. Access free research articles as available.

Panel design web-sites

Astrolabe, fee for service complex data analysis service. Includes tutorials. 

Spectrum viewers.
AffymetrixFluorPlan Spectra Viewer
BD Bioscience Spectrum Viewer
Biolegend Spectra Analyzer
ThermoFisher Fluorescence SpectraViewer

Cytek, training, resources and information on the Aurora spectral analysis cytometer.

ISAC flow repository, for the deposition of data for publication.