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Pathway of Emphasis in Oncology and Related Health Disparities

Mission: The Oncology and Related Health Disparities Pathway is sponsored by the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.  It provides a means for medical students interested in the many topics encompassed by contemporary Oncology and related issues pertinent to our catchment area in South Florida to gain broad and in-depth insights in their relevance to the practice of medicine. In particular, students will gain knowledge in the areas of oncology related to:

  • Medical Oncology
  • Oncologic Pathology (Surgical, Molecular, etc.)
  • Radiology (Oncologic Imaging)
  • Surgical Oncology (IO-interventional oncology)
  • Interventional Radiology (TACE, RFA, Microwave/Ethanol Ablation) 
  • Radiation Oncology (XRT, SBRT, Proton, Brachytherapy, etc.)
  • Immuno-Oncology (the other IO)
  • Precision Cancer Treatment (Targeted Therapy, Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board )
  • Personalized Cancer Treatment (Screens, Metabolism, etc.)
  • Clinical Trialist in Oncology (Pharma, IIT)
  • Translational Research in Oncology (Prognostic Markers, etc.)
  • Oncology Drug FDA Approval (PRMC-Medical)
  • Socio-Behavioral & Cancer Prevention (PRMC-Population Science)
  • Tumor Boards (Liver, GI, Molecular, etc.)

The content on disparities will mainly be based on cancer and will rely on the most up to date data from the Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS).  The FCDS will release the next updated data set on December 2018.  This pathway will have data from South Florida and the State and can provide information to the students on disparities in cancer that specifically impact the catchment area for Sylvester by comparing the different data sets.  Pertinent cancer lectures in minority disparities will be shared with the Social Medicine Pathway. 

The Oncology and Related Health Disparities Pathway will accomplish its mission via forums, seminars, journal clubs, tumor boards, grand rounds and research opportunities provided by members of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (SCCC) at UMMSM as part of the educational mission of SCCC.

Goals: Participants in the Oncology and Related Health Disparities Pathway will gain an appreciation for the many ways at the organism, tissue, cell, and molecular levels that cancer manifests itself and an understanding of how tumors are managed from a broad perspective.

Specific areas that will be covered include 1) infectious diseases and cancer; 2) the role of the immune system in cancer surveillance and development 3) providing novel diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic tools in treatment of cancer (e.g., cell therapy, molecular therapy, precision medicine and immuno-therapy. This insight into the mechanisms of oncogenesis and the relevance of oncology to medicine will be achieved by 1) participation in monthly Oncology Forums focused on defined topics in cancer diagnosis and management; 2) attendance at seminars relevant to cancer through the many activities of the SCCC; 3) performance of laboratory or clinical research within the scope of cancer research; and 4) discussion of patient cases relevant to the Oncology and Related Health Disparities PathwayThe pathway will also discuss clinical trial development.