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Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)


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Facial feminization surgery (FFS) for our male-to-female (M2F) patients can sometimes be the most important decision in your transition. These delicate procedures change the male facial patterns to a softer, feminine appearance. The differences between male and female facial features vary with age, ethnicity, and how early hormonal therapy began.

The most feminizing procedures include advancing the hairline, lifting the brow, and flattening the supraorbital rims (eyebrow ridge). Many patients also choose rhinoplasty ("nose job") to re-sculpt the nose, straighten the bridge, and refine the tip.

Cheek and lip enhancements can give both a rounder and smoother appearance. Subtle cheek augmentation can include inserting a small implant underneath the skin or plumping up the area with dermal fillers (medical-grade injections). Lip work could include either a lip lift – which shortens the upper lip – and the use of fillers or fat transfer injections for plumping the lip.

We offer the following cosmetic procedures. Please check with your insurance to see if you are covered:

  • Brow lift
  • Brow reduction
  • Cheek bone augmentation or reduction
  • Facelift
  • Forehead reduction/contouring
  • Lip augmentation
  • Mentoplasty (jaw augmentation)
  • Rhinoplasty (nasal contouring)
  • Voice surgery

What to Expect

The University of Miami's UHealth Tower is a fully accredited 560-bed hospital located in downtown Miami. Patients undergoing facial feminization surgery will enjoy the utmost privacy during their outpatient (go home the same day) or inpatient procedures. If you must stay overnight in the hospital (inpatient), you will have a private room in our very modern, comfortable hospital. Our staff has cared for a wide range of patients including celebrities, politicians, and royalty.

Why Choose UHealth?

Highly-trained specialists to perform your surgery. Offering the latest in leading-edge research and technology, our plastic surgeons treat many patients who have been referred by doctors from across the country and around the globe. Members of our plastic and reconstructive team are experts in a variety of complex procedures and represent a wide range of medical skills and training.

LGBTQ Services. Our medical providers are committed to ensuring all patients have access to high quality, comprehensive medical and mental health care with compassion and sensitivity in a confidential setting, regardless of sexual expression or gender identity. We have designed medical and mental health services to meet the specific needs of lesbian, gay, transgender, and questioning patients, including:

  • Comprehensive gender affirmation procedures
  • Individual psychotherapy to address all mental health issues, including transitioning issues
  • Primary medical care, including routine health care physicals


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