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  • Physical therapy

    In most cases, your health care provider will prescribe rehabilitation therapy. Our physical therapists establish a unique plan of care that includes specific interventions for your condition and situation to help alleviate pain and improve mobility.

  • Medication

    Your doctor may recommend ibuprofen or naproxen for pain relief and to decrease inflammation.

  • Slings and immobilizers

    Your specialist may recommend that you use a sling or immobilizer to keep you from lifting your arm away from your chest, so the injury can properly heal.

  • Arthroscopic surgery

    Our expert team of specialists is board certified and fellowship-trained to manage these problems with minimally invasive approaches (where applicable) for patients with more severe injuries. Arthroscopic surgery is a same-day procedure that can be used to reposition bones and repair torn tendons.


  • Physical examination

    Your doctor will conduct a complete physical examination and collect your health history to help make a diagnosis.

  • Imaging

    Your doctor may order an imaging test – such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray, or computerized tomography (CT) scan – to help confirm the diagnosis.