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Who Is a Candidate?

Any woman experiencing a pelvic floor disorder can benefit from seeing a urogynecologist.

What to Expect

You may be referred to a urogynecologist by your primary care doctor or your OB/GYN. During your first appointment, your urogynecologist will review your medical history, perform a pelvic exam, and review any test results.

Your doctor may also order additional tests, such as:

  • Urodynamic testing
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • Cystoscopy (procedure that examines the bladder)

You and your urogynecologist will discuss your test results and your health goals. Together, you can decide which treatment is right for you. You may choose conservative treatments, such as physical therapy or dietary changes, or more advanced care such as minimally invasive sling surgery or pelvic reconstructive surgery. Your doctor will discuss the benefits and risks of all treatments with you so you’re comfortable with your care plan.