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Cleft Lip and Palate

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A child born with a separation in the upper lip is said to have a cleft lip. A separate in the roof of the mouth – or palate – is called a cleft palate. Surgery is usually recommended to repair either of these congenital (present at birth) conditions.

Our doctors and specialists are committed to providing quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care to children with cleft and craniofacial problems, as well as ongoing support to their families. Treatment includes cutting-edge surgical and therapeutic techniques combined with the dedication of the medical team to provide children with a bright, happy, healthy future.

Often, the skills of several medical professionals are needed to correct problems with a cleft lip or palate. Because some children may have other problems — including feeding, teething, hearing, speaking, and psychological development as they grow up — our reconstructive and plastic surgeons have assembled a specialized Cleft Team. This group of specialists includes doctors, nurses, and other medical staff that work together to help heal all issues that accompany a cleft lip or palate. Our team works closely with other specialists at Jackson Memorial Hospital for complete, streamlined coordination of care.


Prenatal Ultrasound
In some cases, the ultrasound technician will notice a facial difference in your baby during a prenatal ultrasound.

Physical Exam
Your baby’s cleft lip or palate will be diagnosed by physical exam shortly after birth.


Your child will need to undergo surgery to repair the cleft lip and make sure they can eat, drink, and breathe normally. Follow-up surgeries throughout childhood and teenage years are often needed.

Why Choose UHealth?

Expert multidisciplinary clinic for cleft lip and palate care. We offer a multidisciplinary clinic where you can meet with all of our cleft lip and palate specialists in a single visit. We provide individualized care for each child, and work to develop a close relationship with parents and families

Highly-trained specialists to perform your surgery. Offering the latest in leading-edge research and technology, our plastic surgeons treat many patients who have been referred by doctors from across the country and around the globe. Members of our plastic and reconstructive team are experts in a variety of complex procedures and represent a wide range of medical skills and training.

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