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Pharmacy Residency


The University of Miami Health System delivers high-caliber, compassionate health care; advances patient care through applied research; educates the next generation of medical leaders, and contributes to a healthier world.


Our vision for the 21st century is to develop the highest quality of care that challenges the frontiers of medical care, research and education, and addresses community needs in meaningful, sustainable ways.


  • Excellence – We meet our patients’ needs through exceptional patient-centric clinical and service outcomes. Our focus is on groundbreaking innovation, quality and quality improvement, safety, and effective health care.
  • Compassion – We diligently care for the welfare of others, providing timely, compassionate care while remaining respectful of our patients’ and families’ privacy, emotional, and physical needs.
  • Discovery – We embrace a perpetual quest for new knowledge and awareness, cultivating an environment that promotes the greatest potential for learning and individual achievement.
  • Collaboration – We nurture a spirit of collaboration and teamwork from which our patients will benefit, generously share our resources, medical expertise, and wisdom.
  • Leadership – We foster an environment that supports the recruitment, development and retention of the most highly-qualified and culturally-diverse team of professionals.
  • Integrity – We strive to always be truthful, transparent, and equitable, and we are committed to honesty in all of our scientific and professional endeavors: patient care, education, research, community, and business dealings.