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Saludador de radiología y enlace con el paciente

As a University of Miami Health System radiology volunteer, your role is to assist staff, patients, and families when they come to the department for imaging tests. Escort patients to their appointments. When patients come to sign in, you’ll welcome them and help them get settled in the waiting area. If patients have concerns, you’ll let radiology staff know. You’ll also serve as a liaison among patients, reception staff, imaging technologists, and family members to ensure everyone is well-informed.

You’ll also do various tasks to support radiology staff and provide non-medical assistance to patients, including:

  • Assisting patients with making phone calls, offering them water or coffee, or bringing them reading materials or puzzles from the book cart
  • Getting supplies and other items, such as blankets, pillows, wheelchairs, and stretchers
  • Making up stretchers

After patients’ imaging appointments are finished, you’ll direct them or help transport them to other hospital floors or test sites. This may involve transporting patients in wheelchairs or helping radiology staff move patients on a stretcher.

Additionally, you’ll keep the reception area neat and orderly, including returning magazines and newspapers to racks.

To apply for this role, you must be able to walk without limitations and push patients in wheelchairs. Volunteer must commit to one three to four hour shift a week, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Mon. through Sat.

For more information about volunteering at UHealth, visit our FAQs.

To learn more, email or call us at 305-243-4032.