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Support Groups

Support groups provide invaluable resources and connections that can help you with difficult challenges. At UHealth, we offer a wide range of support groups to help patients and families who have experienced a life-changing event or diagnosis, want to improve their health or are undergoing medical treatment.

We offer support groups for you and your family. You may benefit from attending a support group session if:

  • You or a loved one is undergoing treatment for cancer , stroke, diabetes, or other life-changing conditions
  • You or a loved one has a mental health condition
  • You or a loved one is receiving hospice care
  • You are trying to lose weight
  • You recently had a baby
  • You have experienced a loss or death in the family

Each support group provides a safe, compassionate place for you to connect with others going through similar experiences. Support groups are led by experienced professionals who can help you work through health-related challenges and make positive changes to your mental and/or physical health.

We offer support groups at many locations throughout Miami. Support groups may meet at the same time each week or month. Please view our calendar of events for upcoming support group information.