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Research Trainee OnBoarding FAQs


For more information or to apply for a Research Trainee OnBoarding role


Is there a time commitment for training?

Research trainees are allowed to participate in the research setting up to 25 hours a week for one year.

Does it cost anything to train?

No. You are responsible for transportation to and from UHealth.

What paperwork and other requirements do I need to complete before I can train?

All applicants must complete a research trainee application and provide all the documentation listed on the research trainee checklist.

If I work at UHealth am I able to become a research trainee?

Yes. You’re welcome to train if you fulfill your training duties outside your regular work hours and your training is outside of the department where you work and is not similar to your regular employment duties. Employees agree to train without any expectation of compensation or other benefits related to their UHealth employment.

How do I get placed in a research lab?

Applicants must identify a faculty member willing to facilitate a research training opportunity and then Integrative Health Services will facilitate onboarding.

Are research trainees able to train remotely?

No. As a research trainee, you do not possess the required skills to conduct independent research and are required to have direct supervision.