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Volunteering FAQs


For more information or to apply for a UHealth volunteer role


Volunteering is a great way to do something you feel good about – and gain experience while doing it. Whether you want to learn something new, meet new people, or make someone’s day a little easier, volunteering offers all this and more. Volunteering gives you a sense of accomplishment, knowing your time and effort make a difference to patients, families, and hospital staff.

Is there a time commitment for volunteering?

We need our volunteers to commit to at least one shift of three or four hours each week for one year.

Does it cost anything to volunteer?

No. You’re only responsible for transportation to and from UHealth.

Do I need any special skills to volunteer?

All you need is a desire to help. Some roles may have physical requirements, such as being able to walk or stand without limitations for up to four hours or pushing a wheelchair.

We provide training to ensure your safety and the safety of our patients, visitors, and staff during your volunteer service. Your supervisor will provide training for your role to ensure you can perform your duties with confidence.

What paperwork and other requirements do I need to complete before I can volunteer?

All applicants must complete a volunteer service application and provide all the documentation listed on the volunteer service checklist.

If I apply, am I guaranteed a volunteer role?

Sometimes we have more applicants than we have open volunteer roles, so we may not be able to offer you a position at that time. We interview all the applicants and choose the person that's the best match for the role. If you're not selected, we encourage you to apply for future volunteer roles – you may be just right for another volunteer position.

Do I need to come in for an interview to volunteer?

No. We can coordinate a virtual interview via Zoom.

Am I able to choose my duties?

We always try to provide volunteers with the experience they want. However, volunteer opportunities are based on the needs of the hospital.

Can I provide medical care to patients as a volunteer?

Our volunteers don't serve in clinical care roles, but you may interact with patients and visitors by providing non-medical assistance.

Do you offer volunteer roles that don’t require me to interact with patients and visitors?

Yes. Some of our volunteer positions don’t involve working with the public. We understand some people feel more comfortable helping behind the scenes, whether it’s assisting with administrative tasks or supporting hospital staff with other duties.

If I work for UHealth, can I still volunteer?

Yes. You’re welcome to volunteer if you fulfill your volunteer duties outside your regular work hours, your volunteer service is outside of the department where you work and is not similar to your regular employment duties. Employees agree to volunteer without any expectation of compensation or other benefits related to their UHealth employment.