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Infectious Diseases

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Infectious disease experts at University of Miami Health System have an international reputation for advanced care. We offer the latest diagnostic techniques and treatments to help all patients, including those who are immunocompromised (impaired immune system), to prevent and overcome infection. We lead research efforts to improve the care and treatment of patients with bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. We offer specialty expertise in prevention and treatment of HIV and infections related to solid organ and stem cell transplantation.

Why Choose UHealth?

Advanced infectious disease research. Our board certified physicians conduct research on the prevention and treatment of many infectious diseases including HIV, cytomegalovirus, fungal infections, mycobacterial infections, and more. Our team helps change the future of infectious disease care so you can receive evidence-based, effective treatment, including the latest investigational drugs, to overcome infections.

Highly specialized transplant care. Our doctors are internationally known for offering outstanding care for patients both before and after transplant surgery. We follow research-backed practices to reduce your risk for infection and illness and work with the University of Miami School of Medicine and Miami Transplant Institute of Jackson Memorial Hospital to care for patients.

The latest diagnostic techniques. Identifying the cause of an infection is key to providing the right care. Our expert infectious disease physicians use advanced lab testing to quickly create a personalized treatment plan for you.

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