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Radiology, or diagnostic imaging, is an important tool to help your doctor see inside your body and diagnose health problems. Imaging techniques are also used to help plan your treatment, guide minimally invasive procedures, and check how well a particular treatment is working.

The University of Miami Health System offers the latest imaging technology. We treat a variety of health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and more through noninvasive MRI and CT scans, as well as interventional radiology approaches. Imaging exams allow your doctor to identify health problems quickly and provide treatment as soon as possible.

Our radiologists, interventional radiologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear medicine doctors, certified imaging technologists, and specialized nurses are specially trained in imaging techniques to keep you safe during your procedure.

Your health, safety, and comfort are our number-one priority. We take the time to explain the test, so you know what to expect and to put you at ease.

Why Choose UHealth?

Expert care from an experienced team. You receive care from skilled, state-certified technologists and doctors who are nationally recognized for patient care and their contributions to radiology. Our radiology team works closely with doctors in all medical specialties to give you comprehensive care.

The latest imaging technology. Your doctor has the most sophisticated tools to diagnose, guide, plan, and monitor your treatment. You have access to the most sophisticated imaging approaches from multidetector computerized tomography (CT) and 3-D mammograms to cancer treatments like NanoKnife® and TrueBeam®.

Leading-edge imaging services in South Florida. Our doctors are also researchers discovering new ways to improve diagnosis and treatment. That means you can get some of today’s most promising advancements through clinical trials. You benefit from the latest developments that are fast-tracked from the lab to the bedside.

Recognition as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. The Breast Imaging Center at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of only two centers in the Miami-Dade County are accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Imaging services close to home. You can receive convenient, expert care nearby from several locations throughout South Florida.

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