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The geriatric medicine team at University of Miami Health System offers compassionate care and a full range of health services for older adults in South Florida. You receive medical expertise and a variety of services you can only find at an academic medical center, close to home.

Your health needs become more complex as you get older, so you need a team that can manage all your health concerns. Our geriatric doctors work with experts in a wide range of medical specialties to address all your health concerns. We help anticipate your health needs and provide solutions to keep you healthy — from preventive screenings to immediate treatment for serious illness, rehabilitation after hospitalization or surgery, and long-term care plans.

We offer a comprehensive geriatric assessment for people 65 years and older to learn about your physical health — and your mental health and social needs as well. That means you receive personalized medical care and get connected to resources, including community senior services, that benefit you most. Our geriatric experts can help you with complex medication issues, managing chronic (ongoing) conditions or other difficulties, and answer questions about long-term care decisions.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to slow down or live with symptoms that affect your quality of life. We work with you and your family to help you maintain good health, improve your well-being, and stay independent.

Why Choose UHealth?

Focus on successful aging. You benefit from the latest advancements discovered at our Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and Aging, which is dedicated to improving quality of life for older adults. You have access to innovative programs and advancements that enhance your health and well-being. You work with doctors who are researchers and educators — experts who are making a difference in older adult care in South Florida.

Emphasis on prevention and the whole person. You receive care from geriatricians who specialize in preventing and managing complex medical, psychological, and social concerns that affect older adults. Doctors, specialized nurses, behavioral health specialists, rehabilitation therapists, palliative care experts, and social workers work together to give you comprehensive care and support. We focus on helping you maintain your independence.

Complete care from a team of specialists. Your geriatrician works with a variety of specialists to offer you complete care — from orthopedists and physical therapists to cardiologists, rheumatologists (arthritis specialists), pulmonologists (lung experts), and more. Whether you need us for routine care, more complex care in the hospital, or home care services, you can depend on a team that’s focused on you.

Personalized attention that's focused on your changing needs. We consider your lifestyle and changing needs to give you personalized attention for any medical treatment, including heart disease, osteoporosis, home care, or physical therapy after a hip or joint replacement surgery. And, with locations throughout South Florida, you can get expert care close to home.

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