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Skin Conditions


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Skin Conditions: $89 - $109

If you need treatment for a skin condition, UHealth Clinic at Walgreens offers care for a wide range of skin and scalp problems – from acne and rashes to head lice, insect bites and stings, poison ivy, and more. You can get care at convenient locations across South Florida – with same-day and evening appointments.


If acne keeps you or your teen from feeling confident, you can get expert acne treatment at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. We offer the latest acne treatments, close to home – with same-day and evening appointments at convenient locations across South Florida.

Acne happens when your hair follicles under the skin's surface get clogged with dead skin and oil, which causes pimples and other skin blemishes. Our providers examine your skin and develop a treatment plan to give you the best possible results. We offer advice for taking care of your skin and make sure you know what worsens acne.

Whether you need a prescription, over-the-counter remedy, or another approach, you can count on personal attention from a trusted provider at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. We help you face the world with confidence.


Eczema isn't a single illness – it’s a group of conditions that cause itchy, irritated skin that looks like a rash. It's a common condition, and it affects people of all ages. Symptoms might come and go, flare up occasionally, or go away entirely for a period.

You can get fast, expert treatment for eczema at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens, with same-day appointments and many locations to choose from. You don’t have to live with itchy, irritated skin.

Our providers give you personal attention and a treatment plan created just for you. Whether your treatment includes over-the-counter remedies, prescription medicines, or other therapies, you can count on personalized treatment to relieve itchiness and improve the look of your skin.

Head lice

Head lice – words that every parent dreads. That’s because head lice are contagious. Children most often get them, and they’re passed easily between kids. They can spread to everyone in the family, and they don’t go away without treatment. Head lice are tiny insects that feed on blood and live on the scalp and hair. They don’t carry disease, and they’re not caused by an unclean home or bad personal hygiene. They spread easily among kids because there’s so much close contact at daycare centers, school, and during play.

Common symptoms of head lice are an itchy scalp, neck, and ears. It's possible to see them, but they’re hard to spot. They're tiny, gray, and move quickly.

You can get fast, convenient head lice treatment at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. Our providers examine your child and develop a treatment plan to get rid of the head lice as quickly as possible. We also offer guidance for cleaning infested items and stopping the infestation from spreading in your home or to others. You can count on us to help you get through this.


Hives are red, itchy, painful welts caused by a skin reaction. They’re called chronic hives if they appear for several weeks and come back frequently. It’s not always clear what causes hives, but they can be caused by medicines, particular foods, alcoholic beverages, sun exposure, stress, heat or cold, bugs or parasites, and other triggers. They’re extremely uncomfortable and can keep you up at night.

When you have hives, you want relief right away. You can get fast, convenient treatment for hives at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens – with same-day and evening appointments at any of our South Florida locations.

Your provider will try to find out what triggered the reaction and may do blood or skin tests to learn more. You get a personalized treatment plan to relieve symptoms and lower your risk of developing hives again. You get personal attention to help you feel better as quickly as possible.


Impetigo is a very contagious skin infection in babies and children that's caused by bacteria. It causes red sores around your child's nose and mouth and on their hands and feet, but they can spread to other areas of the body. After a week, the sores break open, ooze, and form a scab. Usually, the sores are mildly itchy and painful.

If you notice these symptoms, keep your child home from school or daycare until they can get treatment – this can stop it from spreading to others. The bacteria can spread to others who come into contact with an infected child’s sores or their clothes, bedsheets, towels, or toys.

You can get fast, convenient treatment for impetigo at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. We offer same-day and evening appointments at locations across South Florida. Impetigo is easily treated with a prescription cream or ointment. Your provider will make sure you know how to manage symptoms and prevent spreading and when it’s safe for your child to return to school or daycare.

Mouth and cold sores

Cold sores, also called fever blisters, are common – but they’re uncomfortable and unsightly. They’re small blisters that most often form on and around your lips, but they can form around your nose, on your cheeks, or in your mouth. They itch at first, form a blister, break open, and form a scab that lasts several days. It takes a few weeks for them to heal completely.

A virus causes cold sores – most often herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and less commonly herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). They spread easily through close contact, including kissing and sexual contact. Kids 5 and younger can get mouth sores, but these aren’t caused by the herpes simplex virus. Although there’s no cure for cold sores, treatment can help manage outbreaks, speed healing, and may even reduce future outbreaks.

When you need treatment for cold sores, UHealth Clinic at Walgreens has you covered. You can get same-day and evening appointments at locations throughout South Florida – on your schedule. Your provider will give you an antiviral prescription to boost healing and make sure you know how to prevent spreading the virus.

Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac

If you’ve come into contact with a poisonous plant, the itching can be unbearable. You want relief right away, and we can help. You can get expert treatment for poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens, with same-day appointments at any of our convenient locations throughout South Florida – including evening appointments.

Our providers learn which plant is causing your symptoms and develop a treatment plan to reduce swelling and itching and help you feel better as quickly as possible – whether it’s prescription or over-the-counter medicines, creams, or ointments. Your provider will also give you instructions for home remedies that will help soothe itchy, irritated skin.

Poisonous plants affect everyone differently, so we create a treatment plan just for you. You can be confident you’re working with experienced, trusted professionals who know how to treat all types of rashes and allergic reactions and prevent infections. We answer your questions and offer tips to relieve itching and enhance healing.


There are many things that can cause rashes. They can be from an allergy, poisonous plants like poison ivy, various health conditions, or exposure to something in your environment. In the summer, rashes like prickly heat and swimmer’s itch are common. Rashes can be painful and itchy, and they can even come with other symptoms like sneezing, fever, or joint or muscle aches. Your symptoms may even keep you up at night.

If you need treatment for rashes, UHealth Clinic at Walgreens offers expert rash treatment close to home. We make it convenient, with locations across South Florida and same-day appointments. Our providers will examine you and find out what's causing your rash. Most rashes are easily treated, and seeing a UHealth provider can give you peace of mind knowing what may have caused your symptoms.

We develop a treatment plan to give you fast relief – whether it’s recommending over-the-counter medicines, giving you a prescription, or offering advice to care for your rash at home. You can count on experienced providers who offer fast, expert care for rashes.


Scabies is a skin condition that's caused by a tiny mite that tunnels under your skin, creating red, itchy bumps. It’s usually very itchy, and it's often worse at night. It can affect any part of your body, but older kids and adults typically notice bumps between fingers or on their arms, buttocks, knees, and soles of the feet. It's also common around the armpits, waist, breasts, and male genitals. Infants usually get scabies on their scalp, palms, or soles of their feet.

Scabies won’t go away without treatment – you need a prescription to kill the mites causing symptoms. It’s highly contagious and needs immediate treatment to stop it from spreading.

You can get expert treatment for scabies at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens right away. We offer same-day and evening appointments at many convenient locations. Our providers can diagnose scabies quickly by looking at a small scraping of your skin under a microscope. Your provider will prescribe a lotion or cream and tell you how to relieve itching. Since scabies is so contagious, your provider may recommend everyone in your family get treated – even if they aren’t showing symptoms. You’ll learn what you need to do to stop it from spreading.

Skin infections and irritations

When you need care for a skin problem that concerns you and you want to see someone right away, you can get expert treatment for skin infections and irritations at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. We make it easy to get the care you need – with nearby locations and same-day and evening appointments.

You don’t have to live with pain, itching, redness, or other symptoms of skin infections and irritations. Our providers examine you and do any necessary testing to find out what’s causing your symptoms. Whether you need a prescription, over-the-counter remedy, or advice for treating it at home, you get personal attention to relieve discomfort and treat the problem.

Sometimes, all you need is assurance that your skin condition is nothing serious – or you just need advice about treating a minor skin issue at home. UHealth Clinic at Walgreens also offers virtual visits that let you get the information you need without leaving your home or office. However, you want to get care, our providers are here for you.

Tick/insect bites and stings

Bee stings, bug or tick bites, or other insect bites or stings are common, particularly during spring and summer. If you or your child is bitten or stung – or you need expert attention to remove ticks - it's comforting to know you can get treatment for an insect bite or sting at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens.

Most insect bites and stings are easily treated, but sometimes you need to see someone if there's an allergy or multiple bites or stings. It's also a good idea to see someone after a tick bite because they can carry diseases, such as lime disease.

Our providers know how to care for all types of bites and stings. We know how to clean and care for wounds and prevent infections. We offer treatment to relieve your symptoms and make sure you know how to take care of the wound. You get expert advice to feel better right away.

Questions? We're here to help.

UHealth nurse practitioners provide expert care and can prescribe medications and antivirals to get you back on your feet.