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Please note that at this time, we are not administering the COVID-19 vaccine at any of our UHealth Clinic at Walgreens locations. Get the latest COVID-19 vaccine information.

Travel Immunizations


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Travel Immunizations: Prices may vary

If you need travel immunizations, UHealth Clinic at Walgreens lets you get them on your schedule at a location near you – with many locations throughout South Florida.

Japanese encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis is an infection caused by a virus and spread through bites from infected mosquitoes. It doesn't spread between people. Typically, it doesn't cause symptoms, but it can cause a fever or headache. But it can lead to brain infection (encephalitis), seizures, coma, permanent disability, or death.

If you're visiting rural parts of Asia, talk to your provider to find out if vaccination is right for you. Although the risk is low for travelers, you may need vaccination if you're traveling for long periods – and unprotected from mosquitoes – in areas where the disease is present.

If you need the Japanese encephalitis vaccine, UHealth Clinic at Walgreens provides trusted care from experienced providers, with same-day appointments for your convenience. The vaccine requires two doses spaced four weeks apart. Your last dose must be at least a week before travel, so be sure to make your first appointment at least a month in advance.

Polio vaccine

Polio (poliomyelitis) is a contagious disease caused by a virus spread through close contact with someone who's infected or contaminated food or water. It enters an infected person's spinal cord and brain and can cause paralysis and death. All children should receive four doses of the vaccine by the time they're 6. Most adults have already been vaccinated as children, but you may need a booster shot if you're traveling to certain parts of the world where there's a risk of getting infected.

You can get the polio vaccine at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. Our providers learn about your health history and travel plans to determine what’s right for you. The inactivated polio vaccine is given as a shot in the arm or leg, depending on your age. If you’re traveling with young children, our providers can recommend a vaccine schedule to make sure your child is protected. You get trusted, expert advice to keep your family healthy.


Rabies is a disease caused by a virus that's spread through the saliva of infected animals. You can get the disease an infected animal bites you. Wild animals – like bats, foxes, and monkeys – pets, and even farm animals like horses and cows can spread rabies. It’s a life-threatening disease and needs treatment right away. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re up to date on your rabies vaccine.

It’s particularly important to get a rabies vaccine if you’re traveling. A bite from a stray dog or another infected animal can be serious – particularly if you’re in areas where it’s difficult to get medical care.

You can get a rabies shot at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens at locations across South Florida. You can get a same-day appointment when it’s convenient for you, including evening appointments. Our providers know the latest travel vaccination recommendations to make sure you have all the immunizations you need before traveling.

Typhoid vaccine

Typhoid fever is a contagious disease caused by bacteria. It’s common in South Asia, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It's spread through contaminated food and water or close contact with someone who has the disease. It causes a high fever, headache, stomach pain, and constipation. It's treated with antibiotics, but it's life-threatening without treatment.

You can get a typhoid vaccine at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens conveniently at one of our many South Florida locations. We offer two types of typhoid fever vaccines:

  • Oral Typhoid prevention medication is available to people 6 and older. You need to take four doses every other day and finish taking all the pills at least a week before travel.
  • Injectable vaccines can be given to people 2 and older. You need to have your shot at least two weeks before you travel.

Vaccines aren't 100% effective, but they lower your risk of getting typhoid fever. Also, vaccines lose their effectiveness over time, so you may need a booster if you haven't been vaccinated for a few years.

Your provider will let you know which vaccine is right for you. Make sure you make your appointment two or more weeks before you plan to travel to ensure it has enough time to take effect.

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