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Minor Illnesses & Testing


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Minor Illnesses & Testing: $99 and up

UHealth Clinic at Walgreens offers expert medical attention for minor illnesses and testing at a convenient location near you.

Allergies (seasonal)

Seasonal allergies happen when your immune system overreacts to something in the air – usually when there’s more pollen from certain plants during the spring, summer, or fall. Symptoms can include coughing, sneezing, and itchy and watery eyes. Some people with seasonal allergies have symptoms all year. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with allergy symptoms. UHealth Clinic at Walgreens lets you get the care you need when it’s most convenient for you, including virtual visits and after-work appointments up until 8 p.m.

You can get seasonal allergy treatment at a UHealth Clinic at Walgreens for everyone in your family – whether you need allergy treatment for yourself or your child. We provide seasonal allergy testing to find out what’s triggering your allergy and treatments to help you feel better. We can recommend over-the-counter medicines, write allergy medicine prescriptions, and give allergy shots to relieve symptoms. You can get expert care when it’s most convenient for you – at any of our locations throughout South Florida. Your UHealth Clinic provider gives you personal attention and advice to feel your best.

Bladder and urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Urinary tract infections can affect any area of your urinary tract, such as your bladder, kidneys, or urethra. They happen when bacteria enter your urinary tract. Most commonly, bacteria enter through your urethra and grow in your bladder, affecting the lower part of your urinary tract. UTI symptoms may include frequent urination – often only small amounts of urine – burning during urination, strong-smelling urine, or urine that's cloudy, red, bright pink, or brown. Women may have pelvic pain. It’s important to get treatment for a UTI so that it doesn’t cause complications, such as kidney problems or recurring UTIs.

You can get expert treatment for urinary tract and bladder infections from the UHealth Clinic at Walgreens team – for both children and adults. We learn about your symptoms, talk to you about treatment options, and tell you how you can help prevent UTIs. You get expert advice and treatment to help you feel better as quickly as possible. With virtual visits, evening appointments, and convenient locations throughout South Florida, the UHealth Clinic at Walgreens makes it easy to get the care you need.


Bronchitis, also called a chest cold, is caused by cold and flu viruses. It causes swelling in the lining of the bronchial tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs, which leads to coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. It can make you feel exhausted and may include a slight fever, chills, a headache, body aches, and you may cough up clear or colored mucus. The symptoms can make even the easiest tasks difficult.

Providers at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens treat bronchitis and help you feel better – with virtual visits and appointments available at locations throughout South Florida. We go over your symptoms with you to rule out allergies or other illnesses. You get expert advice for recovery, whether it’s recommendations to prevent coughing or over-the-counter medicines to relieve other symptoms. Your UHealth Clinic provider offers a fast, accurate diagnosis and expert guidance to help you feel like yourself again quickly as possible.

Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting

Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting are common symptoms of the stomach flu (gastroenteritis) or food poisoning, but other digestive system problems like irritable bowel syndrome can also cause these symptoms.

If your symptoms don’t go away within a few days, you should see a medical provider – particularly if you have severe stomach pain, a fever over 101 F, vomiting for more than a day (or more than a few hours for kids younger than 6), lack of urination, or signs of dehydration.

If you or your child are experiencing these symptoms, it’s natural to be concerned. You can turn to the providers at any UHealth Clinic at Walgreens location to treat diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. You can get fast, expert care and evening appointments at several locations throughout South Florida. We’re here for you when you need us. Your provider will examine you and do any necessary testing to find out what's causing symptoms. You get immediate treatment and advice to help you feel better – and peace of mind knowing you’re in capable hands.

Earache and ear infections

Ear infections are caused by a buildup of fluid in your ear. Infections can be brought on by a cold, allergies, or a sinus infection that prevents your ear from draining as it should. Ear infection symptoms include an earache, a feeling of pressure inside your ear, or difficulty hearing. You may also have a thick, yellowish fluid coming from your ear. Ear infections are common in children, but they’re less common in adults. Whether your child has an earache, or you do, you want to see someone right away. You can get fast, expert care at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens.

Most earaches and ear infections are easy to treat. Providers at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens treat earaches and ear infections at convenient locations throughout South Florida – on your schedule, at the location of your choice. You get trusted care from UHealth Clinic providers who know how to relieve symptoms as quickly as possible.

Ear wax removal

Ear wax (cerumen) helps protect your ears from dirt and bacteria, but too much of it can cause problems. When ear wax buildup leads to a blockage, it can cause an earache, ringing in your ears, difficulty hearing, dizziness, and even a cough. Other ear conditions can cause these symptoms as well, so it’s essential to have a healthcare professional take a look.

You can get ear wax removal at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens on your schedule. We offer fast, convenient care and evening appointments at locations throughout South Florida. Your ears have delicate parts that can be damaged easily, and our providers know how to examine and treat ear wax blockages safely. We also provide children’s ear exams and ear wax removal. Our providers are here to answer your questions and tell you how to prevent wax buildup, ear infections, and more.


A fever is a higher-than-normal temperature (100.4 F or more). It can cause chills, sweating, headaches, irritability, loss of appetite, and body aches. Often, a fever is caused by a cold or flu, earaches, strep throat, urinary tract infections, and other common illnesses. It’s a natural response to fight infection, and it’s often not a cause for concern. But there are times when you should see a medical provider – particularly when your fever lasts more than a few days, or your infant or child has an unexplained fever.

You can see someone right away at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens, including virtual visits and evening appointments at convenient locations across South Florida. We find out what’s causing the fever and provide treatment to help you feel better – whether it’s advice for managing symptoms of a viral infection or treating a bacterial infection or another illness. It’s comforting to know you can get expert fever treatment at a nearby UHealth Clinic at Walgreens.


The flu, or influenza, is an infection caused by a virus that affects your nose, throat, and lungs. It usually comes on suddenly and can cause everything from headaches and muscle aches to fever, chills, weakness, runny nose, sore throat, and coughing. It usually gets better within a few days, but sometimes you want to see a doctor – such as if symptoms worsen, you’re having trouble breathing, or you have a higher risk of complications because of your age or health.

Providers at a UHealth Clinic at Walgreens treat flu symptoms and care for you and your family. You can make an appointment to see a provider right away or schedule a virtual visit. We offer flu testing, antiviral medicines, and over-the-counter remedies to help you feel better more quickly – and get back to your life. You also get expert advice to keep you and your family healthy throughout flu season, including flu shots . You get personal attention from a team you can trust.

Headaches and migraines

When you have a headache or a migraine, you want relief – right away. Pain can interfere with all aspects of your life – relationships, work, daily activities, and mental well-being. There are many different types of headaches that have various causes, from tension headaches and sinus headaches to cluster headaches that happen daily over weeks or months. Headaches usually cause pain on both sides of your head. Migraines often affect one side of your head and may have other symptoms like vision problems, light sensitivity, and nausea.

Whether you’re living with headache or migraine pain, the expert team at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens treats headache pain and lets you get back to your day pain-free. We find out what’s causing your pain and offer treatment that gives you relief. You also learn how to prevent headaches and migraines and find out what triggers them. We make it easy to see someone right away at our clinic locations throughout South Florida.

Joint pain

Pain and stiffness in your joints can keep you from doing things – from household chores to activities you love. You may only have joint pain after doing certain activities, or it can stop you from doing something altogether. Joint pain can be due to an injury or caused by joint diseases like arthritis or other health conditions. If you have swelling or redness around the painful joint, you should see a healthcare provider. You should also make an appointment if you recently injured the joint and it’s extremely painful, it’s swollen, or you can't put weight on or bend the joint.

You can get joint pain treatment at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens from a team you can trust. We make it easy to see someone at one of our many locations, including evening appointments. Our providers examine your joint and discover what’s causing your pain. You get personal attention to relieve joint pain and expert advice to help you prevent joint injuries. You don’t have to live with joint pain – UHealth Clinic providers can help.


Laryngitis causes a hoarse or weak voice – or causes you to lose your voice completely – throat irritation, and a dry cough. It happens when your vocal cords are irritated and swollen from an infection, smoke inhalation, or voice strain, such as yelling. It's often caused by a virus and goes away after a few days. But losing your voice can be frustrating, and you want to see an expert you can trust.

You can get fast, convenient treatment for laryngitis at a UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. Our providers offer testing to find out what’s causing symptoms and provide treatment to give you back your voice. With UHealth Clinic at Walgreens convenient locations throughout South Florida, it’s easy to see someone when it works best for you.

Your provider can prescribe medicine to boost healing and offer tips to relieve strain on your vocal cords. You receive personal attention to help you feel – and sound – like yourself again as soon as possible.

Minor back pain

If you have back pain, you’re not alone. Its one of the main reasons people miss work and lower back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. There are many different reasons people have back pain. It can be caused by an injury, muscle strains, or structural problems – such as disc problems. You don't have to live with back pain. The first step is to see a healthcare provider to find out what’s causing your back to hurt.

You can get back pain treatment at a UHealth Clinic at Walgreens – we make it easy to get answers and relieve your pain. We understand finding the time to see someone can be difficult, so we offer same-day and evening appointments to make it more convenient to get the care you need. Your provider examines the painful area and coordinates necessary tests to find out the source of your back pain.

We develop a treatment plan to give you relief. Whether it’s anti-inflammatory or steroid medicines to reduce swelling or stretching and strengthening exercises, we get you started on a path to recovery.

Mononucleosis (mono)

Mononucleosis is an infectious illness that's caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. It's nicknamed the kissing disease because it's spread through the saliva and kissing, but you can get it by sharing food or drinks with someone infected with mono. It’s common in teens and young adults – most adults have already been exposed to the virus and are immune from it.

Symptoms of mono include tiredness, sore throat, headache, fever, and a skin rash. It may also cause swelling in your lymph nodes, tonsils, or spleen. Teens usually have many of the symptoms, but young children with mono often don’t have symptoms. The infection usually goes away on its own, but you may want to get a mono test to confirm you have it.

UHealth Clinic at Walgreens mono testing is easy and convenient. Your provider takes a tiny bit of blood from your finger to tell if you have mono. We let you know how to relieve symptoms and what you should do so you don’t infect others.

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) and styes

Pink eye and styes are eye infections that affect both children and adults. A stye is a small bump on your eyelid. Pink eye, which is common in children and people who work closely with kids, affects the clear membrane covering the white part of your eye and your inner eyelid. They both cause pain, itching, burning, redness, discharge, and eyelid swelling.

Pink eye spreads easily from person to person. Styes don’t spread to others, but they can spread from your affected eye to the other. If you or your child have pink eye, it’s important to talk to a healthcare provider to learn how to prevent it from spreading.

You and your family can get pink eye and stye treatment at a UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. We know how to relieve painful, itchy eyes. Your provider examines your eye to find out what's causing symptoms. We tell you how to relieve symptoms, prevent future eye infections, and stop eye infections from spreading to others. If your pink eye is caused by a bacterial infection, your provider will give you a prescription to treat it.

Sinus infection (sinusitis)

If you have sinus pain and pressure, a headache, a stuffy nose, and you feel feverish and worn down, you may have a sinus infection. A sinus infection causes the lining of your sinuses to swell, which stops them from draining as they should. A sinus infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, seasonal allergies, or nasal problems such as growths (nasal polyps) or a deviated septum.

A sinus infection can make you feel miserable, but you don’t have to live with the symptoms. Providers at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens treat sinus infections at convenient locations close by – with same-day appointments at any of our South Florida clinics. Your provider checks your ears, nose, and throat to look for swelling. We offer expert treatment, whether you need over-the-counter medicines, antibiotics, or therapies to manage long-term (chronic) sinusitis. Our expert team is here to help you breathe easier and feel better as quickly as possible.

Sore throat and strep throat

It’s not unusual to get a sore throat – particularly during cold and flu season. Sore throats are caused by viruses and bacteria. Viral infections usually go away on their own after a few days. Strep throat is caused by bacteria, called group A streptococcus, which spreads easily through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It’s more common in children than adults.

You can get strep throat if you breathe in the bacteria from those droplets, you touch your nose or mouth after touching a surface with infected droplets on it, or you share food or a drink with an infected person. If you have strep throat, you may also have a headache and a fever. Children with strep throat sometimes have nausea and vomiting.

Rapid strep testing at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens lets you find out if you have strep throat right away. If you have strep, you need antibiotics to treat it. Whether you have strep throat or a sore throat, we can help you feel better faster. Our providers also give you expert advice to relieve symptoms and speed healing.

Swimmer’s ear

You don't have to be a swimmer to get swimmer's ear, though it's more common in people who spend a lot of time in the water. Swimmer's ear is an infection in the ear canal caused by too much moisture, which weakens the skin and lets bacteria in. But anything that damages the skin in your ear can cause it, including dry skin, scratching inside your ear, using too much pressure with a cotton swab, or putting other things in your ears.

The main symptom of swimmer's ear is ear pain, which gets worse when you pull or press on the ear. It might also hurt to chew. The outside of the ear may be red and swollen, and sometimes it has a cloudy or yellowish discharge.

You can get expert treatment for swimmer’s ear at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. We offer comprehensive care for swimmer's ear, depending on each person’s needs. Whether you need prescription drops, pain medicine, or treatment to remove buildup or a blockage inside your ear, you get personal attention from a trusted team. Your provider will also tell you how to prevent swimmer's ear from returning.

Tuberculosis (TB) testing

TB is a disease that spreads from one person to another through the air. You get sick by breathing in TB bacteria from someone infected with TB when they cough, sneeze, laugh, or talk. TB affects your lungs and breathing, but it can also spread to other areas, including your brain, kidneys, or spine. It’s a serious disease that needs immediate treatment, and TB testing ensures you get the care you need.

UHealth Clinic at Walgreens TB testing is easy and convenient. We use a TB skin test – also called a tuberculin skin test (TST) or purified protein derivative (PPD) – to check if you’ve been infected with TB bacteria. Your UHealth Clinic provider injects tuberculin liquid in your lower arm that gives you a small, pale bump. You come back to the clinic two or three days later for a UHealth Clinic provider to check for a reaction where you had the injection, such as a hardening or swelling of the area.

Upper respiratory infections

Stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, sneezing, low-grade fever, tiredness, and body aches are all common symptoms of upper respiratory infections, including the common cold. Most upper respiratory infections are caused by a virus and spread easily from one person to another. These viruses can live on surfaces for up to a day or more. Upper respiratory infections are very common, particularly among children, and happen more often during the winter when more activities are indoors.

You can get quality treatment for upper respiratory infections at UHealth Clinic at Walgreens. Our providers go over your symptoms and do any necessary testing to find out what's causing them. You get peace of mind knowing you’re getting treatment from a healthcare provider you can trust. Although there’s no cure for upper respiratory infections, your provider can provide recommendations for medicines to make you feel better. You get personal attention to relieve symptoms and advice to keep you healthy.

Questions? We're here to help.

UHealth nurse practitioners provide expert care and can prescribe medications and antivirals to get you back on your feet.