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Eye Care Puerto Rico Services Program

In 2017, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine proudly launched the EYE CARE PUERTO RICO™ services program to assist people who were evacuating Puerto Rico and in need of help and attention with their sight and vision.

The services primarily originate in Miami, Florida and Puerto Rico, and extend to other parts of the United States. The services are rendered for the benefit of individuals, healthcare systems, resident ophthalmologists, ambulatory surgical centers, as well as non-governmental agencies seeking to provide care, materials, and financial support to Puerto Rico and its people. 

The services include educational medical consultative services to ophthalmologists as well as education and training on proper eye care and hygiene.

Free and reduced cost medical supplies have also been supplied to Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico and the mainland United States.  Additional services include the provision and coordination of relief supplies to licensed clinicians and hospitals, coordination of medical evacuation of injured survivors, and direct medical care in the United States to evacuees referred by Puerto Rico based ophthalmologists.

The EYE CARE PUERTO RICO™ services program currently offers the following services:

  • Health care referral services such as doctor referrals and medical referrals
  • Health care services
  • Humanitarian medical care services
  • Educational services such as medical training and training in the field of eye care

For information about these services, please contact:

English:  The University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at 305-482-5268 or

Espanol:  Bascom Palmer Eye Institute de la Universidad de Miami al 305-482-5268 o