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Frequently Asked Questions


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Each year, thousands of people come to Bascom Palmer for vision correction surgery. The questions below are some of the most common inquiries we receive. If your question is not answered below, please contact us. We're more than happy to answer your questions.

What is laser vision correction? Page 1
How long have your doctors been performing vision correction surgeries? Page 1
What conditions do you treat with laser procedures? Page 1
What types of lasers do you use? Page 1
Is laser vision correction right for me? Page 1
How long does a vision correction procedure take? Page 1
Are both eyes done at the same time? Page 1
Is vision correction surgery painful? Page 1
How soon will I be able to see well? Page 1
How much work will I miss? Page 1
How long will my results last? Page 1
Are there any risks associated with vision correction surgery? Page 1
Will insurance pay for my vision correction surgery? Page 1
Do you offer payment plans or financing? Page 1

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