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Hybrid Visit FAQs

What is a Hybrid visit?
In a hybrid visit, part of the visit takes place in-person and part takes place remotely during a single day. A patient may be asked to come onsite for imaging or testing only, then they will meet with their provider remotely to complete their visit.

Are there different types of Hybrid visits?
Yes. Hybrid visits may include:

  • Drive-Through IOP Visit
  • Saturday (Imaging Only) Hybrid Visit
  • Vision and Pressure Only visit

Do you have to schedule an appointment with your provider and an appointment for the imaging/testing portion of your visit?
Yes. Appointments must be made for both the provider and the imaging/tests. To schedule an appointment, please call 305-243-2020, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. You may also complete an online request form at

Does your provider need to order imaging/tests prior to your hybrid visit?
Yes. Your provider will order imaging/tests prior to your appointment date.

How do I connect with my provider remotely to complete my hybrid visit?
Your provider will call you by telephone to complete your visit via Zoom on the same day.

What is a “Drive-Through IOP Visit?”
A drive-through IOP visit is a hybrid visit during which the patient drives to the hospital and a technician checks their eye pressure while the patient remains in their car. A detailed description of the drive-through IOP process will be provided to you at the time you schedule your appointment.

What is a “Saturday (Imaging Only) Hybrid Visit?”
A Saturday Imaging Only Visit is now available at Bascom Palmer in Miami. Patients may be asked to come onsite on a Saturday for imaging/testing.

How do Hybrid visits maximize patient safety?
By decreasing the amount of time a patient spends in our facilities and minimizing their personal interactions, Hybrid visits enhance the safety of our patients.