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Glaucomania 2022: A Glaucoma Symposium

Subject to change
All times listed are EST

Saturday, January 22, 2022

7:55 am Welcome Remarks
  Session I: Glaucoma Diagnostics
Moderator: Alana L. Grajewski, MD
8:00 Diagnosis and Detection of Progression with OCT, Part I
Swarup S. Swaminathan, MD

8:10 Diagnosis and Detection of Progression with OCT, Part II
Donald L. Budenz, MD, MPH
8:20 Use of OCT-A for Glaucoma Risk Stratification
Luis E. Vazquez, MD, PhD
8:30 Use of Pattern Electroretinography in Glaucoma Suspects
Vittorio Porciatti, DSc, FARVO

8:40 Visual Field Strategies and Interpretation
Pradeep Y. Ramulu, MD, PhD

8:50 Panel Discussion
Donald L. Budenz, MD, MPH; Vittorio Porciatti DSc, FARVO; Pradeep Y. Ramulu, MD, PhD; Swarup S. Swaminathan, MD and Luis E. Vazquez, MD, PhD

  Session II: Laser Treatment
Moderator: Allison J. Lauter, MD
9:00 Laser Treatments for Acute and Subacute Acute Angle Closure
Paul F. Palmberg, MD, PhD

9:10 Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
Ta Chen Peter Chang, MD

9:20 Transcleral Cyclophotocoagulation
Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD

9:30 Micropulse Transcleral Cyclophotocoagulation
Tomas Grippo, MD

9:40 Panel Discussion
Ta Chen Peter Chang, MD; Tomas Grippo, MD; Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD; and Paul F. Palmberg, MD, PhD

9:50 Break
  Session III: Cataract Extraction and Angle Procedures
Moderator: Sarah R. Wellik, MD
10:10 IOP Reduction after Phacoemulsification Surgery
Adam L. Rothman, MD

10:20 Trabecular Meshwork Microstents, Part I
Arindel S. Maharaj, MD, PhD

10:30 Trabecular Meshwork Microstents, Part II
Elena Bitrian, MD

10:40 Aqueous Angiography
Alex A. Huang, MD, PhD

10:50 Ab-Interno Goniotomy – GATT – with Microforceps
Ta Chen Peter Chang, MD

11:00 Ab-Interno Goniotomy – Devices – without Microforceps
Swarup S. Swaminathan, MD

11:10 Combining Different MIGS
David A. Sola-Del Valle, MD

11:20 Panel Discussion
Elena Bitrian, MD; Ta Chen Peter Chang, MD; Alex A. Huang, MD, PhD; Arindel S. Maharaj, MD, PhD; Adam L. Rothman, MD; David A. Sola-Del Valle, MD; and Swarup S. Swaminathan, MD

  Session IV: Bleb-Forming Surgeries
Moderator: Elizabeth A. Hodapp, MD

11:30 Reasons Why I Stopped Doing Trabeculectomies
Richard K. Parrish II, MD

11:40 Trabeculectomy Surgery Techniques
Krishna K. Kishor, MD

11:50 Trabeculectomy with Gel Stent
Anna K. Junk, MD

12:00 pm Trabeculectomy with SIBS
Juan F. Batlle, MD

12:10 Panel Discussion
Juan F. Batlle, MD; Anna K. Junk, MD; Krishna K. Kishor, MD; and Richard K. Parrish II, MD

12:20 Break
  Session V: Tube-Shunt Surgeries
Moderator: Krishna K. Kishor, MD

1:20 Summary and Pearls form the PTVT and TVT Studies
Steven J. Gedde, MD

1:30 Phaco-Tube vs. Phaco-Trab
Eric R. H. Duerr, MD

1:40 Comparison of Different Tube Implants
Ramesh S. Ayyala, MD, FRCS, FRCOphth

1:50 Surgical Management of NVG
Sarah R. Wellik, MD

2:00 What to do When Tubes Fail
Elena Bitrian, MD

2:10 Panel Discussion
Ramesh S. Ayyala, MD, FRCS, FRCOphth; Elena Bitrian, MD; Eric R. H. Duerr, MD; Steven J. Gedde, MD; and Sarah R. Wellik, MD

  Session VI: Surgical Case Presentations
Moderator: Alison J. Lauter, MD
Panelists: Ta Chen Peter Chang, MD; Anna K. Junk, MD; and Luis E. Vazquez, MD, PhD

2:20 Case 1 and Panel Discussion
Sara J. Coulon, MD

2:35 Case 2 and Panel Discussion
Kevin L. Shen, MD

2:50 Case 3 and Panel Discussion
Rebecca I. Chen, MD

3:05 Case 4 and Panel Discussion
Anh Pham, MD, PhD

3:30 Adjourn