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Nasser Al-Rashid Orbital Research Colloquium

Saturday, March 9, 2019
Program is subject to change

8:30 am Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 Welcome and Overview - Intersection of Science and Patient Care
David T. Tse, MD, FACS and David Pelaez, PhD

  Session I: Emerging Technologies 3D
Printing in Ophthalmology, Augmented and Virtual Reality
9:10 Introduction to 3D Printing: Perspective, Limitations and Updates from the OBC
Jean-Marie Parel, Ing.ETS-G, PhD, FARVO

9:25 3D Printing for Orbital and Facial Prostheses
Ernesto H. Weisson
9:50 3D-Printed Scaffolds for Corneal and Ocular Surface Regeneration
Alfonso L. Sabater, MD, PhD
10:15 Virtual Reality Classroom – Virtual Molecular Biology Laboratory for Clinician-Scientists
Katherine D. Leviste
10:40 Virtual Reality Simulation for Mechanics of Ophthalmic Surgery Training
Daniel E. Hutter, MD
  Session II: Orbital Tumors
Unexplored Horizons
11:10 Approach to Orbital Tumor Management – An Overview and Case Discussion
Pasquale W. Bendetto, MD

11:35 AMLV- and GALV- Pseudotyped Retroviral Replicating Vectors as a Gene Therapy Platform for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
James J. Grosso

12:00 pm Considerations for Establishing In-Vitro Studies of Orbital Tumor Biology – A Clinician's Perspective
Andrew Rong, MD

12:25 Notch Inhibition and Drug Screening in LGACC
Ravi Doddapaneni, PhD

12:45 Lunch
  Session III: Stem Cells and Regenerative Ophthalmology
1:30 iPSC Retinal Organoids as a Platform for New RGCs for Optic Nerve Repair
Zenith Acosta-Torres

1:55 Endogenous Regenerative Mechanisms of the Mammalian Retina – Focus on Muller Glia
Ryan A. Gallo

2:20 Traumatic Optic Neuropathy (TON) Management
David T. Tse, MD, FACS

2:45 Inflammasome Facilitates Ganglion Cell Loss via Pyroptosis and Apoptosis in Ocular Hypertension Injury
Valery I. Shestopalov, PhD

3:20 Wnt Signaling in Visual Pathway Regeneration
Abigail S. Hackam, PhD

3:45 Closing Remarks
David T. Tse, MD, FACS

4:00 Adjourn