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Virtual Visits - FAQs

Great news! Bascom Palmer is now offering virtual visits to provide your eye care remotely. A virtual visit with your eye doctor can determine if your condition can be treated safely at home or if you need an in-office visit. Below you will find questions and answers to help you learn more about virtual visits.

What is a virtual visit?
A virtual visit is a scheduled appointment with your eye doctor using your smartphone or computer from the convenience and comfort of your home.

What services are available in a virtual visit?
Many services you normally receive during an in-office visit can now be done with a virtual visit through a video chat or telephone call. These services include:

  • Urgent or emergency visit
  • New patient visit
  • Follow-up visit
  • Post-operative visit
  • Second opinion consultation

How do I schedule a virtual visit?
To make an appointment, try our simple online form. Or call 305-243-2020, or Toll Free 888-845-0002. Our appointment office is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., EDT.

Can I see my regular eye doctor on a virtual visit?
Yes. When you make your appointment for a virtual visit, you will be scheduled to see your regular eye doctor, just as you would for an in-office visit. If you are a new patient, our appointment office will make your appointment with a doctor who specializes in your unique eye condition.

What equipment do I need?
For a virtual visit by telephone, all you need is your phone. For a virtual visit by video, you will need a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a camera and microphone, and internet capability. These video chats are done through a secure and special version of Zoom. Prior to your video chat, you will have to download Zoom on your device. It is also recommended that you have a MyUHealthChart account. At this secured, online site, you are able to access your medical records electronically. Don't worry, before your virtual visit occurs, we will ensure you have everything you need for an easy, convenient experience. We will walk you through every step of the process.

Can I ask a family member or friend to join me on my virtual visit?
Absolutely! You are welcome to have a family member or friend join you on your virtual visit. Since video chats take place on a special version of Zoom, you, the doctor, or the doctor’s assistant can “invite” your family member or friend to join the visit virtually.

What is a hybrid visit?
A hybrid visit is a two-part visit scheduled by your doctor. The first part of the visit is testing that takes place in the office with our ophthalmic technicians. The second part of the visit takes place on the phone or by video chat with your doctor. Once your test results are available, your doctor will discuss your findings and care plan with you from the comfort of your own home. Even better, we are making eye tests more convenient for you. Hybrid visits are available at all of Bascom Palmer’s locations, and a limited number of testing appointments are now available on Saturdays in Miami. If your doctor recommends a hybrid visit, you can request your testing at the location closest to you!

Will I be safe during an in-person visit?
If you come into any Bascom Palmer location, you will see we have implemented many new guidelines to keep you and our employees safe. Everyone entering our facilities is screened for COVID-19. The screening is easy and takes less than one minute. Then, everyone is given a mask. Because visitors or family members are not allowed at this time and if you should need assistance, our committed team members will assist you to your appointment. We are following social distancing and have increased space and limited the amount of seating in our waiting areas. Plenty of hand sanitizer is available and all surfaces, elevators and restrooms are continually cleaned and disinfected. Your health and safety are our highest priority.

How is my privacy protected?
The University of Miami Health System uses a special version of Zoom known as Zoom for Healthcare, which is integrated within our “UChart” electronic medical record platform. UChart secures telemedicine Zoom sessions through advanced encryption and restricted link distribution to protect your privacy.

Does insurance cover Bascom Palmer’s Virtual Visits?
Your virtual visit will be billed to your insurance company, the same way an in-person visit would be billed.

How do I get my After Visit Summary?
The After Visit Summary of your virtual visit will be available through your MyUHealthChart account just like it is with your in-office appointments. Please log into your account, select “Visits” and you will be able view your After Visit Summary.