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Corneal Innovation Laboratory

Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute

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Investigator / Contact Person Alfonso L. Sabater, M.D., Ph.D.

Research Focus

The Corneal Innovation Laboratory is at the forefront of pioneering research dedicated to developing novel therapies and innovative approaches for safeguarding and regenerating the cornea. Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians, and engineers collaborates synergistically to address the pressing challenges in corneal health.

With a primary focus on corneal protection, regeneration, and vision restoration, our research encompasses a wide range of cutting-edge techniques and methodologies. We explore the potential of tissue engineering, biomaterials, gene therapies, stem cell-based interventions, and regenerative medicine strategies to advance corneal care.

Overall, the Corneal Innovation Laboratory is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and clinical practice to improve corneal health and transform patient outcomes. By pioneering novel therapies and innovative interventions, we strive to protect, regenerate, and restore the cornea, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for individuals affected by corneal diseases or injuries.

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